[3.7]A generic guide to Elemental Hit Ranger (Deadeye / Pathfinder)

PSA: I did not made this build, but uberdan

Here is another (somewhat outdated) guide for EH, attributing to uberdan

Thanks 99prosorc that made a written build guide in POE forum. But unfortunately you did not reply to that thread for 6 months, so i need to takeover

So Elemental Hit Bow build was just like collecting infinite gems for Infinity Gauntlet. If you don't have full set, or at least the Combat Focus and all 20/20 gems, it won't have the dps.

If you want a starter build for HC , see havoc's video

Crafting bow

+3 bow is not a must for this build, but +4 bow from fossil craft is a chase rare, or any synthesis base in perma standard market

You can craft a +3 FIRE gem bow for dirt cheap

+3 to gem with "bow gem tag" is more readily available in the market , but +3 to "fire gem" is more relevant to this build and it is so easy to craft with essence

Note that is the the second highest essence by tier, so NO NEED TO vendor recipe to the top tier

for 6L base, either use Bowyer's Dream (drop from the boss of Ashen Wood Map as of 3.6), The_Porcupine or the new card Imperial_Legacy

Totally depends of price and you want to further craft or not, since The_Porcupine give you ilvl 50 base that would only essence craft non-T1 prefix, but it have the highest aps (1.5). However, the new card Imperial Legacy gave Imperial Bow with ilvl 100, aps 1.45, so it seem better option, unless the card was expensive.

Gem setup

For the gem setup for single target in +3 bow, i would recommend

For the last gem, instead of Cold to Fire, you can use

You need to use clear skill to proc ignition to the monster, which this set up would geared in Frostferno, or 6L chest if you don't use Kaom's Heart (see alternative setup for 6L gem setup for clear skill)


use haste (always on) + vaal haste in boss room


vaal grace if you think dps is enough and you need some defense

You can run the new aura if you don't have mana problem as well as don't want to cast ice golem

Also, run relevant Purity of X aura if you have relevant Watcher's Eye (see the mod pool here )

Other utility skill, not essential to use


(if you don't use portal scroll since Neversink's strict filter did not shown portal scroll)

(golem die a lot BTW)

CWDT. Since 3.7 nerfed Immortal Call, i would say lv20 CWDT and Steelskin may work, but i haven't test it. Would wrote this part later.

Here is legacy CWDT setup that double dip Increased duration

Alternative setup
Alternatively, If you have legacy +3 Frostferno, or non-legacy but double corrupted (at least one +1 cold/fire gem tag vaal implicit ) Frostferno

Use this 4-link setup in your Frostferno

And this for clear

Gear: You need these
Helmet: Frostferno

or legacy Frostferno (IGNORE my lab enchantment, unfinished self-torture to farm EH enchantment)

other helmet may work but +2 Frostferno with single target setup is fine as starter

For helmet enchantment: EH attack speed of uber lab


Either Chin Sol (socket clear skill) + Frostferno (socket single target)

Or +3 Fire bow (socket single target) + Frostferno (socket clear skill)

Or +3 "Fire/Bow gem" bow (socket clear skill) + relevant double corrupt Frostferno or legacy Frostferno (socket single target)

You can use 2 bows and weapon swap but one bow is enough

BTW here is the legacy Chin Sol if you find one in perma standard



you don't need the vaal implicit but Corrupted Blood is a nice implicit if you find one. IGNORE the vaal implicit of my gear


Any jewel with 3 crit related rolls. EH have fire/cold/bow/projectile/lightning gem tag, so it count as fire/cold/bow/projectile/lightning skill. Also + strength is a good modifier as you need a lot of strength to equip Koam's Heart. Other generic good modifier would be life, attack speed or increase damage with bow

Watcher's Eye with relevant roll is powerful for defense but it may be expensive.


The only chest you need , solid life roll.


Any alt regal rare glove , craft any res to cap your lowest res

Look for T1 attack speed or T1/T2 life or T1/T2 res



All-attack option (IGNORE the enchantment): top roll Gang's Momentum

defensive option


Any belt that cap your strength to equip Koam's Heart, as well as res and life rolls

But flask rolls are very good if you run flask


One life flask or hybrid flask if you need more defense and have mana problem (which usually you have very high dps and the mana leech is enough)

However, the unique flask from syndicate is really strong

You can find the crafted crit chance variant

Depends on your choice , if you able to balance your res, run ToH for more defense and Wise Oak for more dps

Or you can drop ToH, and run syndicate's flask, life flask, Wise Oak if you like

Essential crit flask for crit build

Any quicksilver flask depends on roll you like


End-game. One Taming and one other ring to cap res and accuracy . You only need Pyre for starter

I have shit roll ring just for capping res

Only use Taming as one of the last end game upgrade option, as it is expensive

Instead of Taming you can use Call of the Brotherhood, but since the ring did not have res roll except the implicit, you need to cap res somewhere else. Also, if you use Taming, you have more buffer to drop rare glove / belt / quiver for stuff such as Headhunter, two socket Tombfist and other stuff.


one and only option. AoF on skill tree is too far away so that it is not optimal. (you can use Yoke and Scion and AoF on tree but not recommend on ranger)


any rare Quiver that cap your res.

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Skill tree

Pastebin for not optimized Pathfinder tree at lv 93 ( tree from official site), you can take more crit roll or life roll or accuracy roll for lv 100

official site tree




v1.0.0 initially written on 11 June 2019 for 3.7 change
v1.0.1 change the gear section for ring on 11 June 2019 12:41pm (UTC)
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Q: Die a lot from regular Atziri?
A: Atziri have reflect damage, not only the mirror clone.

If you are deadeye, your chain arrows are deadly and potentiality hitting the mirror clone, so position yourself.

For all ranger build, take out

at your LEFT ring slot . And may be Soul of Yugul pantheon if the reflected damage still hit you hard

Q: Why Pyre is not needed?

A: Pyre convert 40% cold to fire damage. But if you socketed your single target gem in Frostferno plus using AoF (from Xoph's Heart) you have 100% conversion already. Alternatively, if you use 6L with "Cold to Fire Support" setup, a lv23 CtoF gave you 32% of Cold damage as extra Fire damage . And the cold damage in calculation was pre-converted cold damage instead of after AOF and CtoF support (which is zero)

Also, ring is essential for this build to cap res. So, a three res ring plus Taming is better in end-game setup. Or two rare rings to cap res if you run Frostferno for single target.

You need Pyre only you don't have AoF and Frostferno. Or
your AoF+ 6L single target setup don't use CtoF (in some case you have very high crit to run crit gem / have lv4 empower or run Combustion as the sixth gem, etc ), AND somehow you run two unique rings (Pyre and Taming) and able to cap res.

Q: Deadeye or Pathfinder and what is the dps?

A: For non-legacy gear, some T1 mod on rare, without double corrupted, Chin Sol point blank damage would be 2M shaper dps for my gear. However, it is a burst damage that rely on Vaal gem and flask and point blank and Tailwind (assume 1 skill is used), so it is pretty much unsustainable. Also, it is very slow as you can't sustain quicksilver flask.

In the other hand, pathfinder have a halve dps (around 1M), except vaal skill that you may not able to sustain, you can pretty much always on the flasks which gave you perma boost on movement speed just like taliwind but also attack or defensive flask.

You can further chop my tree for deadeye to take none of the flask node and take all of the crit node for more raw damage and did not run any flask at all.

Or just one sentence. It depends on your preference.

Q: Have mana (and life leech) problem?

A: Make sure you have Lioneye jewel and placed in the right position. Alternatively, bring flask, or take the following nodes that was reworked in 3.7. You can just pick the first node for life and mana leech or pick all 3 nodes for more life leech

Q. Where to place Lioneye jewel

A. the jewel slot above Acrobatics and below the claw node (which would be converted to bow skill node)

Q. Where to place Combat Focus threshold jewels

A. the jewels need 40 strength and int for Crimson jewel (cannot chose Cold), as well as 40 Dex and strength for Viridian jewel (cannot chose Lighting), but you can have 40 Int in radius and zero strength to fulfill the threshold . So you can place the jewels like this: The jewel slot above claw nodes and the jewel slot below Acrobatics . (Alternatively one of the jewel can be placed in the jewel slot below the duelist area)

You can check they were placed correctly or not by unequipping Xoph's Blood (or unspec AoF from tree if you picked it). If you did not have AoF and your EH deal Fire only, then you are placing the threshold jewels right.
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thanks alot for the build and help ingame mate, thumbs up :)
guys i wanna start with this build , where can i found leveling guide?
about bandits gems or any help :)
GatheringToy wrote:
guys i wanna start with this build , where can i found leveling guide?
about bandits gems or any help :)

Sorry a rush to write a guide. But this build was quite starter unfriendly as a few items were expensive. (e.g. you need a set of card , some essences and 2 ex to craft a starter +3 bow). You can watch havoc's video to built the starter version of EH.

For bandits, kill all. (havn't test Alira is better or not due to crit buff for ranged build)
For people asking Cold variant. I am still testing but just roughly the same skill tree but different gem setup

Currently testing MF with these


The Combat Focus and Lioneye jewels

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