Animate guardian can not be summoned on another PC


I have got this bug second time now. First time I thought that he died somehow, this time I have checked that he is alive.

How to reproduce:
0) Use Steam version.

1) Animate full set on one PC:
Kingmaker Despot Axe 20%
Gruthkul's Pelt Wyrmscale Doublet 20%
Meginord's Vise Steel Gauntlets 20%
Victario's Flight Goathide Boots 20%
Mask of the Tribunal Magistrate Crown 20%

2) Do some maps.

3) Check that he is summoned and alive. Alt+F4 - simplest way to close the game.

4) Log on completely another PC, try to summon AG in your hideout.

Result - nothing happens, all gear is lost, AG must be animated again.
Expected - same AG as it was.
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so what you are saying is that if you start PoE again on the same pc, all is ok ?
Yes. I can start PoE on PC where gear was animated as many times as I like, but after one start on another PC there is no AG on both of them. Like game on second PC can't get info about AG gear and thinks that there was none and records that info to server and first PC then gets it and forgets about AG too.

In my case first PC is at my home where I play the game and second one is my work PC where I trade during working day.

I will try to record this bug with some cheap gear, because that set costs around 60ch now.
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that sounds very strange, good idea with the recording but I think you should e-mail GGG support directly and report it.
Please do not e-mail Support about bugs.

Support do not work on bugs. QA work on bugs. They read threads posted here.

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