Some trades idea

Inter-league trade board: Adding a menu in START option at the bottom that is 'Standard trade market'. People in leagues will have the ONLY possibility to accept or refuse offers from other league. They cannot set an order from other league. (so people playing in league will have their items online in standard market. ( pop up like '!' when you have trade offer in the menue?)

Auto-Accept system: 1 to 3 auto-accept credit per day (restart everydaily) per account. (will prevent stupid gold seller to control market.

Typing 100 words instead of 50

Options in market: Unique only / Corrupted only / rare only

Guilds? to see friend online and guild stash? maybe shortcut to invite them to group and party if its possible with the xbox live?
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Buyout option is needed

When you put an item be able to select betwen start bid or buyout
Good start, I'd propose: If you list something at a price, it should be auto trade. There's no valid reason I can see to list an item at a price only to decline. I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I can't find the topic.

Remove anonymity.

Add timestamp to listing.

I don't think it's healthy for devs to interfere with the market, but the options available are really lacking for players to work around the shiesters.

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