[SHC] Vaal Sparkin' in 3.6

wanted to share my vaal sparker i made in the 3.6 Hardcore Synthesis League to clear maps really fast. This build is highly customizable to your liking, so this guide just shows my variant of the build. Check out pros/ cons before considering playing this.

Videos :
T13 Shaped Toxic Sewer in around 1min (boss & league mechanics skipped)
T6 Lair Map in 1Min 20 Sec
T9 Underground River in 1Min 20 Sec
Maybe more videos soon.

-So fast, you can't get hit
-highly customizable to your liking
-high exp per hour (easy 500-750mil exp/h at lvl 87)
-MF viable
-the more currency you dump into it, the better it gets

-So fast, you don't know what is going on
-Inconsistent (needs some time before it gets going)
-Not beginner friendly
-can't do bosses
-can't kill mobs that have high hp (beasts, essences)
-can only run certain layouts fast
-only like 6-8k es
-needs support to be good
-best way to use this char is for pure exp gain

Why should i play this than?
-It's really fun

Gear :


Gear explained :

Weapon : Reduced Soul Cost of Vaal Skills (Bloodstained Fossil craft) & DMG (Spell DMG, Elemental Damage, Lightning Damage, Spell crit chance, Crit multi, ....)
Shield :High ES, RES, Spell Crit
Helmet : High ES, RES, Spark enchant (Spark projectiles or proj speed)
Gloves : High ES, RES, DMG / i choose voidbringer because it has high es, high damage and grants +1 to socketed gems which is good for our single target spell vaal storm call
Boots : High Move Speed, High ES, RES, Leech/ Attack & Cast Speed Enchant
Body Armour : 6l, High ES, RES, If you want arcane surge support granted by aetheric fossil
Rings :
#1 Call of the Brotherhood
#2 Warlords Mark / Ass Mark on hit, RES, ES, DMG, Attributes
Amulet : Zerphis Heart for fun, Choir of the Storm, or some rare amulet with ES, RES, Attributes, DMG and stuff
Belt : Headhunter, Bisco's Leash
Flasks :
#1 Soul Catcher with highest Rolls possible
#2 Kiara's Determination for Stun & Curse Immunity
#3 Vessel of Vinktar (Pen/ Added Spell Dmg) or Atziri's Promise
#4 Alchemist's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline
#5 Whatever flask with bleed immunity
Jewels :
#1 Chill of Corruption
#2 & #3 Hazardous Research (spark jewel) with some good implicit
#REST Searching Eye Jewel with ES & some dmg / ES & onslaught or phasing on kill
Inspired Learning also highly recommended, but i don't use it, you have to change the skill tree than.

Skill Tree, Bandit, Pantheon

Bandit : Alira
Pantheon :Soul of Brine King for Stun safety, Soul of Garukhan for move speed
Skill Tree :   Click here

Links :
Vaal Spark - Increased Critical Strikes - Faster Projectiles - Added Cold / Lightning Damage - Skill gem that increases the amount of monsters you hit : I use Pierce, Fork / Chain are also viable options - Damage Support Gem, for example Increased Critical Damage or Controlled Destruction
Vaal Storm Call- Less Duration - Added Lightning Damage - Increased Critical Strikes
Herald of Ice - Innervate
Herald of Thunder - Curse on Hit - Curse (Assassins Mark, Warlords Mark)
Discipline, if you can handle mana cost
Immortal Call - Cast when Damage Taken

TL;DR : Inquisitor is good for softcore, but Pathfinder is better for HC, Trickster is also a viable HC choice.
Inquisitor grants no defense. When going Inquisitor you pretty much have to go life based, which means that you'll run around with like 6k effective HP max. When going Pathfinder you gain a really good balance between defence and damage. On top of that you gain immunity to elemental status ailments, so you don't have to roll Freeze / Shock immunity on flask. And you gain tons of increased flask stuff, which makes your basalt and other defence flasks really strong.
On top of that Pathfinder gives tons of Move Speed.

Another Ascendancy Class i thought about was Trickster due to the heavy defence side of the class, while still gaining some damage. Trickster is also not a bad choice.

Pathfinder Choice : Natures Boon - Master Alchemist - Nature's Adrenaline - Veteran Bowyer

discord : nexx#8357
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