Incursion, betrayal services and more!

Hello everyone, I'll be using this thread to gather some rep for future multimod crafting. As of right now I've sold a few altars of corruption, double gem corrupt and 1-3 vorici bench.

I have no problem giving some ex as colateral (except if I don't have enough currency to cover it) and stream in a shit tier quality (because my internet sux).

Services offered:
-Vorici research 1-3 white socket bench.
-Hillock weapon or flask quality.
-Aisling double veiled mod.

-Altar of corruption.
-Lapidary Lens.

Crafting bench: Work in progress.
Notable recipes
-Multiple Mod
-Cannot Roll Caster/Attack
-Prefix/Suffix can't be modified
etc (just missing some veiled ones)
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Reserved for anything.
He crafted 3 white sockets on my armor. Delivered fast and clear on stream. Would recommend!
Vorici rank 3 for my amor :3 Was fast and nice and clear on Stream too!
Would recommend! :)
A cool guy ! i didn't trust him but he gave me his 6l sword to reassure me =] multicrafted a beautifull base for me ! great job and ty !
Very friendly and fast service.

+2 to support gems and several other crafts

ty vm :)

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