3.6.1 Patch Notes

Reuse old content - who wouldn't love another Legacy league with the legacy stones where all or most of the previous content is accessible. Do that before releasing new stuff.

^^^ This, a million times.
rip Unleash fix for Summon Raging Spirits
Waiting for 3.6.2 i guess

- FPS drops
- Betrayal
- Instance blue stuff going too fast
- Save this league by just letting us instantly place memories in the nexus
- memory cap increase
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SlamBro wrote:
Waiting for 3.6.2 i guess

Save this league by just letting us instantly place memories in the nexus

This a million fucking times.
Collapsing a placed Memory now sets your checkpoint to the Memory Stabiliser used to collapse the Memory.

no! get rid of this shit. 4 path memory fragments are now garbage since you cant return to the enter point on memory modifier points. if youre going to keep this change then you ABSOLUTELY have to give a portal to the start of the zone as well!
Is it normal that you cant sustain any maps now?

Last season's you could sustain burial but now you cant
Still can't access the nexus on my second character. Not sure what was fixed, but talking to Zana in Oriath did nothing.
Would realllllly appreciate fixes to Synthesis fragmented memories....regardless of what the earlier patch said, so many still have the decay expand extremely rapidly at the beginning, either swallowing you immediately or completely preventing progress by cutting off all routes too quickly to even lightning warp across to continue. It's really screwing up the league experience and is extremely frustrating after the clusterfuck that was early to mid Betrayal.

This ^. Very frustrating to spend several hours building the modifiers/amplifiers on a memory just to have it decay and trap me in 2-3 seconds into starting it.
Could you elaborate on the Balefire Scorching Ray change? I'm only fairly certain of the mana cost change, as my setup went from 39 mana per "cast" to 25. This is pretty significant so it makes me concerned I took a damage hit as well (not to mention how high a level my arcane surge support needs to be). I'll be using it either way, but more detail on the change would be nice.
While I completely understand that fixing the Intervention lag spike can be a longer affair, it NEEDS to be disabled in the mean time! (And hopefully never turned back on, but that's a different argument.)

Overall, the patch list here is great! ESPECIALLY the ability to delete fragments both on the map and in your inventory.

However, there are 2 glaring issues:

- Portals are still buggy. After spawning for me twice in a run, the portals stopped spawning deeper in, causing me to have to throw out a bunch of potentially good stuff and log out in order to get back to the Nexus.

- Changing the way distant memory checkpointing works adds a massive amount of tedium and RNG to the league :( Now instead of planning out a nice route to a juicy cluster, I have to plan a route to a single node, then go farm for the exact fragments I need again to go down the same route to a second node, and then farm again to go down the same route to a third... It's brutal!

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