Mud flats quest bug, playing with 3 friends

Yesterday we caught a bug in mud flats. We need to find 3 unique items in the nests. 3 of us get all the 3 of them, but the fourth one got only 2. He searched all the map, clicked a lot on the nests but never found them. We had to wait 15 minutes until map restarted and he finally found the 3rd item.
Also the same thing happened to me as I played alone.
Did anyone have the same bug?
Currently, when the nests are broken open, the glyph items only spawn for people in the area at the time.

So, if a player joins the area AFTER one has been opened, he will be unable to get that glyph, and will have to create a new instance (with ctrl-click) to get it.

I'm going to fix this up soon.
Code warrior

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