+1 To Level Of Melee Gems Bug (on Staff)

I created a Rare Primitive Staff on my templar. It has a "+1 to Level of Melee Gems Socketed into this item". However, when I put my Sweep gem (I believe it is a melee gem), the level stays the same (level 4).

I noticed that the stats are upgraded (eg. 12% increase damage) but the level isn't shown, making it a bit confusing. I couldn't notice the effect on the character panel either (worth checking it).

I didn't check this on the Known Issues page because it says "Access" denied, probably because I don't have a beta key - yet :).

Item: Elm Truss, Primitive Staff
Gem: Sweep (level 4)
Location: any, tested in town and other areas

Screenshots (with Debug):


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