Zana's mission Beyond Boss + incursion + Research + Trial

Inside Zana mission there were 3 incursions, Syndicate Lab and a Trial. WTF!
Where will the boss spawn? Not on the map obviously.
Is this intended?

After the first Incursion I coudn't see the Zana's timer any more, I hope at least this is a bug.
I completed the map, the incursions and the Syndicate, then the Zana's mission failed.
I don't know if I missed the boss somewhere or if it was inside the Trial, which I skipped.
I missed some mobs in the Laboratory and after dealing with Syndicate all were gone, so I don't know if the Boss "left" as well.
I missed some mobs in one of the Incursions. Was there a Boss hiding in the corner? I don't know.

Pretty bad design to be honest.

If this is intended.... Fool me once, shame on me.
Last bumped on Feb 11, 2019, 2:47:01 PM

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