Spreading flames ruby amulet idea

Spreading flames ruby amulet (corrupted)
+25% to fire resistance
30% increased damage to flame blast
flameblast builds up stacks 15% slower
Flameblast costs 50% more mana
Flameblast creates burning ground
Burning ground does 5% of flameblast's base damage
Burning ground lasts for 5 seconds

Note1 burning ground is same size as flameblast
Note2 burning ground slowly spreads outwards for 5 seconds

What's your opinions?
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Burning ground does 10% of flameblast's base damage

Fist off. You know what base damage is, right? It's the tiny bit of damage that gets big by being stacked a dozen times.
I think what you mean is initial hit damage.
And the burning ground would be way too huge... this is a screen spanning skill we're talking here.

Second. There is no ruby amulet based item other than the craftable star of wraeclast and that's corrupted for a reason.

Aside from that, where are the downsides?

Why increase AOE and most of all stack-gain? Also increased damage is imo better than more in this one case, even tho damage is the only thing you could have gone bigger with (12%? really where did that number come from?).

I like the idea of Flame blast leaving burning ground, but the overall design need tuning.
I thought that maybe flameblast could use some love, but your right my idea does need some tuning, i'll get on it right away,

Also i've changed it to a cobalt jewel
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I think the item worked better as a inventory item rather than a jewel. For a jewel this is too much stuff in one and it doesn't fit the other threshold jewels.

As i said the idea with the burning ground is neat. I don't know how useful this will be in boss fight, never player much with flame blast. Usually when you flame"blast" a screen nothing remains that could die from burning ground. So to combine one of the hardest nukes with dots... i'm not sure.

And about the base item. There's lot's of items that enable skills and alls well and good. Tho i feel that jewels that enhance skills is one of the worst things GGG did.
But it's only my opinion. I don't want to dictate where your idea for a unique goes.
If it's better as an inventory item than i'm thinking of it being a ring or amulet, i haven't decided yet, but i'm thinking of going back to amulet

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