How do I corrupt a Jewel to get what I want?

I want a Wildfire jewel with immunity to corrupted blood. I've corrupted lots of these but no there an easier way that I'm not aware of? Am I doing it wrong? I never see these gems being traded so I'm imagining people create them and then just keep them. How do i get one?
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Excuse me, I mean Jewel.
just keep trying. i got one fourth or fifth try
make sure they arent too low ilvl for the corruption to roll
refer to
seems as though you need a jewel ilvl 33 or higher

id suggest rolling a 33 to 39 so you dont end up with a diluted affix pool

good thing those jewels are cheap!
Getting the corruption you want can be tricky. Maybe in the process you'll get a good corruption you can sell and then buy what you need.

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