Alira ,Oak and Kraityn quest ! Help picked wrong one !

Is it possible to resset the quest? I picked a wrong guy on cruel difficulty i choose Alira because i google the rewards and the first post was:

Regardless of difficulty, if you kill all three bandits, you will receive one passive point.
Normal Difficulty

Alira - Permanent increase of 30 Mana
Oak - Permanent increase of 40 Health
Kraityn - Permanent increase of 8% to all elemental resistances
Cruel Difficulty

Alira - Permanent increase of 12% to physical damage
Oak - Permanent increase of 4% cast speed
Kraityn - Permanent increase of 4% to attack speed
Merciless Difficulty

Alira - Permanent increase of maximum power charge by one
Oak - Permanent increase of maximum endurance charge by one
Kraityn - Permanent increase of maximum frenzy charge by one

So i killed Oak and Kraityn without listening to them and help Alira wich was wrong She gave me 4 casting speed i'm shadow and playing as melee its useless to me . Is there a way for resseting the quest and do it again? It will be good if that can be fixed with Orb Of Regred :D
If you've already killed the other 2 and chose to help the last one, then there is no way to reset it as you've essentially completed the whole series.

I have never tried killing a bandit then going back and helping that same bandit. I don't know if it works or not. I know the reward isn't issued until the whole series is completed, so I don't know why it wouldn't work.

But if you've already done all the tasks to finish the quest line, then it is done and there is no going back as far as I know.
Not fixeble as i know, sorry :(

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