3.5 Scion Windripper T16 Quantity Farmer 6.8k hp at 96 push to 7.2k hp+ at 100lvl (work in progress)

Hello I'm hosting exp leech parties in Betreyal softcore League and people lately are asking me tons of questions about this build so I decided to make a guide for it so I can just direct them to it.
Note that this build is not cheap.

It is a tanky quantity farmer that is almost perma immune to phys have a high hp pool and can run T16 maps without problems.
85% Quantity with windripper bonus can swap for up to 118% if you are running with support note that your survivability will suffer. I'll explain how to swap to more quantity at the bottom of the thread.

Very high survivability.
Decent Clear Speed.
Can clear T16 easy.
Can run almost all map mods.
Physical Immune.
Overleech with a lot of life leech per second.

Not a Qotf.
Not as fast as other mf quant farmers.
Not a boss killer.


Coming soon

Let's start with gear.

Weapon ofc windripper quant bonus <3

Quiver rigwald's quill best in slot for clear speed thanks to the unique mod projectiles fork

Chest Kaoms tons of flat life

Helmet, there are few choices that just deepends on which ring you will go for if you chose pariahs go for a rare with high res and life as possible and get the helmet enchant 2 tornado shot projectiles this boosts the dmg and clear speed by a ton. If you went for ventors you can use hale negator or lightpoacher, I would suggest hell negator over the lightpoacher since it will gives us more survivability.

Gloves sadimas for quantity bonus

Boots goldwyrms for quantity bonus

Amulet rare shaper base with quantity dmg and life, try to aim for as much life as possible on this we dont have many slots for flat life.

Rings personally I like pariahs since they give the most quantity bonus, you can also use ventors with resistances and quantity try to get 10% quantity stacking this is our priority.

Belt emm well u can go for bisco leash but the best in slot is headhunter ofc :)


You need on your flasks bleed removal, freez immunity and curse immunity.
Quartz flask is really good for us unless you can get phasing from other source like jewel.
Quicksilver flask we need to go fast.
Sulphur flask in that slot you can go for any other flask if you want I chose rare one to get more movment speed.
Diamond is a no brainer we are crit build.
Dying sun is just so good for clear speed with those extra projectiles and it will also help sustaining rf if you will be going for 118% quantity.


Unnatural Instinct and 2x Might of the meeks on a scion wheel are just too good to pass out on them. We place them here:
Lioneye's fall loction:
Blue Dream here:
or here:
Watcher's eye the best in slot would be double hatred mod with crit chance and flat cold, vitality mod with recovery would be a nice bonus that would be a perfect jewel for solo and group farming.
Cheaper version like mine is wrath crit and vitality recovery for group farming.
Aim for as much health as possible and flat cold/lightning, you can fill your resistances with those like I did.

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Any POB-Pastebin or link to skill tree?
Are u gonna update this? :/

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