Latency Spikes for past week

Having ping spikes up past 1000ms for the last week making the game pretty well unplayable.

Here's my WinMTR:

Called my ISP and they pretty much said everything looked good and didn't know what to tell me. Any help would be really appreciated
Last bumped on Jan 31, 2019, 6:44:52 PM
I have the same issue for the past week.

My WinMTR link:

The issue persists during the day and completely vanishes around midnight.
Bumpedy Bump
still bumpin
I have the exact same problem during 8-11pm Sydney time.
literally unplayable, constant latency flat lines, 1000+ ping.
I have 0 packet loss and 8 ping, surely this isn't me
eu unplayable for me

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