3.5 Storm Brand Inquisitor - All Content + Uber Elder Viable


For the start of 3.5 , I wanted to try out one of the new skills and landed on storm brand. To my surprise, the ability is very satisfying to play and also very powerful. As of now, I have done almost all of the content in the game and killed uber elder many times with this setup.


Final Tree

POB: https://pastebin.com/4syJTuY8

If you do not have POB, the final tree can be found here:


6 Link:
Storm Brand - Hypothermia - Controlled Destruction - Added Lightning Damage - Increased Critical Strikes - Concentrated Effect

You can also switch out Concentrated Effect for Faster Casting while mapping

4 Link:
Brand Recall - Efficacy - Arcane Surge - Increased Duration

4 Link:
Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Phase Run

3 Link:
Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify

3 Link:
Orb of Storms - Power Charge on Critical - Mana Leech

2 Link:
Flame Dash - Faster Casting

In Essence Worm:: Wrath

Also where you can put them in: Herald of Ice, Vaal Righteous Fire


This is my current gear setup:

Here are the flasks I am using:

As the Inpulsa is a pretty expensive piece, you could also sub that out for Carcass Jack. This will give you more mapping speed and also cost a bit less while you save for Inpulsa.


Righteous Providence - Inevitable Judgement - Instruments of Virtue - Augury of Penitence

You can also take Instruments of Virtue first as it may speed up the leveling process just a bit, but I took this route and leveling was a breeze.

Help Alira


I took Soul of Solaris and Soul of Gruthkul for damage reduction.


From the start, I used Freezing Pulse - Added Lightning and Frost Bomb - Onslaught to get through act 1. Once you kill Merveil, you can go pick up your Storm Brand gem and it can be used from then on. For the tree, I grabbed a bit of life first to make leveling more smooth then switched directions to grab brand nodes. You should be getting the Explosive Runes right around the time you are getting the Storm Brand gem.

Tree levels 1 - 15 https://tinyurl.com/yd7uza9a

The 4 link I use was

Storm Brand - Added Lightning - Controlled Destruction - Faster Attacks

This setup carried me all the way till I got my 6 link.

In Act 2, you get Brand Recall as a reward from the quest Intruders in Black, this can be used at level 16 and will give you a lot more control with your brands. You can also attach arcane surge early on in Act 3 you will get Efficacy and Increased duration to set up your Brand Recall 4 link.. This setup will be a big boost to your damage while leveling.

The next main nodes on the tree I took were Shaman's Dominion and Runebinder to get a big boost in damage and get that addition brand attachment for tougher enemies.

Tree level 15 - 38 https://tinyurl.com/y94l2duz

Once you get to Act 4, I like to run The Dried Lake over and over till I get to level 36 or so then I go do my first ascendancy. Once you finish that, its pretty smooth all the way to end game.

For mobility, I used flame dash all the way till act 6 and then added in Shield Charge that I purchased from Lilly after doing the quest Fallen from Grace.

The next tree node I worked towards was the Runesmith and Doom Cast area. After that I also took Throatseeker.

Tree level 38 - 58 https://tinyurl.com/y8p556wg

At this point I got my self to Blood Aqueducts and grabbed levels till I was around 68, and went and grabbed my third ascendancy.

The next portion of the tree was finishing out the right side, grabbing myself Cold-Hearted Calculation, Assassination, Trickery, Soul Siphon, and Coordination. Then we swing back over to the left side and get Primal Manifestation.

Tree level 58 - 77 https://tinyurl.com/yb3863ke

From there, finish out the full tree and when you are strong enough, do your uber lab.

Full tree https://tinyurl.com/yct9ggfx

Leveling Items:
I crated a +1 wand for lightning gems and just random drops that helped with dex and gave spell damage.

If this is not you first toon in the league, useful leveling items are

Leveling was super smooth on this toon, hope you enjoy!


Also if you would like an in-depth breakdown of the build, check out the video I put on YouTube.



Want to give a shout out to SharkbaitTheGreat and everyone else that helped along the way making this build. This is the first build I have worked on start to finish and it has been a blast.

If you have any questions about this build or anything else POE related, stop by the twitch stream. I stream five days a week and would love for everyone to stop by!

Dropaduski's Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/dropaduski

Good luck out there exile and may RNGesus bless you all!
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Awesome guide! Very detailed and covered all ground in terms of the leveling tree! Thank you an awesome guide!
Trying this out in hardcore and having a blast so far, albeit its currently a little "squishier" than what I normally play.

Just one observation, rather than putting all 8 points in the constitution cluster (red circle below), you can get an additional 5% max health, 20 strength and 5 life on kill, by reallocating three of the passives points to the Blood Siphon Cluster (green circle). Not a great difference, but thought I would point it out.

Looks nice, gonna try it out!
Where are the jewels you're using?
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Nice guide, really liked the in-depth leveling guide. Just as a suggestion, I’d recommend giving stat priorities for rare jewels and gear, as well as going into some budget options for each slot. Thanks!
Is there any good chest to use before buying inpulsas?
hello !

i tried your build and have a lack of tankyness (only 3.5k pv lvl 75)

how do you survive ? the build just have the leech on the catalyst and the CoDT/shield charge fortify for defense. Can we get MoM ? we have a lot of unreserved mana.

how do the hypothermia works with the build ? do we use it only for the 35% more damage on chilled ennemies ?
Is there any good chest to use before buying inpulsas?

+2 aoe tabula is a nice damage boost (~20c). You can also pick up something like a shadowstitch 6l for around 3ex with the +2 aoe corruption.

Inialla wrote:

Can we get MoM ? we have a lot of unreserved mana.

The PoB final tree has MoM, not sure why OP didn't include it in their final tree.

Inialla wrote:

how do the hypothermia works with the build ? do we use it only for the 35% more damage on chilled ennemies ?

Pretty much, it's a massive damage boost.

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i see the video and forum post have diffrrent builds slightly. the video build looks tanky compared to the forum.

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