3.5 Protector of the Storm (Orb of storm build) HC viable

This is a guide based on another build I've seen some weeks ago and started working around it to make it more tanky and better suited for me as the build wasn't complete and had a lot to work on.(https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2161077)

-Orb of Storms is doing insanely more damage
-No more mana problem with Tempest shield (17mana to 7mana at level 1)

It may not be the most OP build or the one you will clear lightning fast with but a funny one that can actually do all the content in the game.

Video of an Arsenal map Tier 12:

Explanation of the build:
The build revolve around Orb of storm that trigger when you cast a lightning spell. For that we use the fastest lightning skill in the game wich is Tempest Shield. I choosed to go the Tanky route by getting max block with the Gladiator for attacks and spells and going up in the skill tree where the Witch and the Shadow belong for maxing casting speed, damage and Energy shield... yes energy shield. Since The gladiator is pretty good at surviving with the block mechanic I choosed to play around the Aegis Aurora since it's easier to get ES than life by going to the witch and Shadow area. We also have to take Iron Reflexes so we can block as much as possible and also gain some nice armour from Cerberus Limb

Core Items to get:


Shavronne's Wrappings Since we want to play lowlife to acces to Pain Attunement. Also Im trying to get a hand on one with ''+2 to Level of Socketed AoE Gems'' or/and ''+2 to Level of Socketed Duration Gems'' by double corrupting it. This will augment the damage a lot and will add one more target to the orb of storm.

Aegis Aurora so we can regen ES on top of our leech

Cerberus Limb Is just the best item you can get with Aegis Aurora as your shield.

The Brine Crown is simply too insane for the Armour it gives to pass around

Presence of Chayula corrupted with a attack block roll (yeah they're often the ones that value the less hahaha)

2x Gifts from Above since it give all the stats you need and some crit to help you substain Elemental Overload

The Red nightmare is the jewel that will help you switch to energy shield by dumping a lot of nodes

And to optimise your cast speed you really want some Delve gloves with Socketed gems have 18% cast speed

The Potion Setup

Other than that the belt and the boots help you manage your resist

Skill Tree

Gems Links

Orb of storm setup

Tempest Shield Setup


Aura's first setup

Aura's Second Setup

Flame Dash and Portal setup

I am still looking for other way to optimise the build... there is so many options and I can tell it's fun to try to make this even better I see something new to add to the build every day. If you can help with some idea's that'd be fun :)

This is my first build guide and I hope you like it, please leave some feedback so I can update it.
GL HF and may the RNG be with you <3
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How is it for bossing? Deal low damage but don't die? Might play around with it depending on how it is lol
The character was meant to do something else when I started it, then I wanted to try this at around level 35 and just did a respect

But in the end I can say he's pretty Op at tanking boss and not dying. This is a meme build and won't perform as good as others.. but it's lots of fun to play
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wouldn't be better to use lighting warp instead of shield charge? noobquestion*
I have some increased duration on the build so it wouldn't work :/
Flame dash is the way to go, if you look at the gem links im covering in the build guide it is ''flame dash + faster casting + enhance + portal''
the reason is that with a level 20 flame dash with maximum quality + enhance you get enough cooldown recovery to dash like there is almost no cooldown.
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