Blasphemer's Grasp Cold Snap + Vortex Elementalist Capped Shock and Bonechill vs Bosses! [3.5 BSC]

This build was invented on a dare to make a build with Blasphemer's Grasp. Special thanks to Kwitch for leading me astray.

Vortex Shaper DPS w/ no temporary buffs:


Brief comparison to standard Occultist Vortex/Cold Snap:

50% Shock 30% Chill to any target. (Useful in Parties)
More damage.
Less Curse Effect.
Less EHP Pool.
More Avoidance.
Bigger Slows.
No uninterruptible ES recovery.
Get to use a hipster item.

Core Premise:

Bonechill was added in the latest update. This means that scaling chill scales damage, enabling previously unused unique items to rise to prominence, primarily Blasphemer's Grasp.

This item will provide two major benefits. First, it will provide +80% increased shock and chill effect. These bonuses are usually garbage, however with the Elementalist Ascendancy, dealing 1 light and cold damage ensures a minimum of 20% base shock and 10% base chill. These are capped at 50% and 30% respectively, which means that a total of 150% increased shock effect and 200% increased chill effect will cap these effects. The crafting bench allows 30% ailment effect to be appended to amulets and boots, allowing the player to reach 150% ailment effect after taking the Elemental Focus node in the Shadow area.

8% * 10 Elder items + 30% Amulet + 30% Boots + 10% Passive Tree = 150% increased effect of non-damaging ailments.

This fulfills the minimum amount required to apply a 50% shock to bosses. 40-45% additional chill chance can be allocated via the tree and 20% is also on the Hypothermia gem, so max chill and Bonechill effect is reached.

As it turns out, not even OpenArl seems to think reaching that effect of chill is plausible, as Bonechill does not provide the correct damage scaling.

Anyway, the second major benefit granted by Blasphemer's Grasp is that any ailment will be removed on pressing a flask, meaning flask mods can now be fully centered on utility. This means the build can also run some of the new Veiled flask mods added in Betrayal.

The drawback to this modifier is that every item must be Elder, but fortunately that is already desirable as it enables non-damaging ailment effects to be capped.

Avoidance is quite high on the build as well, and the combination of Chill, Aspect of the Spider, freeze proliferation, and Temporal Chains makes things very safe.

This build is reflect immune and can comfortably run all content, but I tend to roll past the cannot be slowed mod on Guardian maps.


Cold Snap is the spammed skill. It is socketed in the Chestpiece and does not require any corruptions for additional levels to function.

Cold Snap can bypass CD via expending frenzy charges, which are also granted by the skill. This makes it the optimal choice for trash clearing over Vortex. The damage is still more than sufficient to clear on its own. Even with EE reducing damage without a Storm Brand being down it can clear fast. I drop the Storm Brand, which applies Shock, EE, EO, and 2 extra curses for Bosses, Syndicate members, Red Bestiary mobs, and Essence mobs. For the rest, I don't bother.

This bread and butter skill is also how I gain huge uptime on Arcane Surge and how I apply Bonechill, which will also scale Vortex's damage.

Vortex is autocasted in a bow.

Vortex does more single target, but has a smaller AOE and a fixed cooldown. By putting it in an autocast weapon, its cooldown recovery modifies the cooldown of the autocast modifier, making it a 1.92s CD at level 21. This translates to well past 100% uptime and less effort needed.

Why a bow?
A bow is desirable for several reasons. First, it grants a movement speed implicit, one of the only useful implicit modifiers for DoT builds. Second, it has 6 sockets and can function as a second 6 link in a build. Third, it allows for a stat quiver which can be used in the offhand. Fourth, the quiver counts as the 10th item for Blasphemer's Touch, taking the build to capped ailment effects.

Storm Brand and Frost Bomb:
Used to apply mass debuffs. Storm Brand strips 50% resistances, applies Elemental Overload for 40% more Elemental damage, applies two extra curses, and applies a 50% shock which proliferates. Frost Bomb removes a further 25% resistance.


In addition to 82% movement speed provided by flasks, the build uses phase run for 49% increased movement speed. This buff can last quite a while since the build has frenzy charges generated via Cold Snap. The build also uses Flame Dash to move over gaps.


This build can be leveled as a cold DOT build, a tabula is advised if you seek to jump into cold snap immediately at level 16. Rushing EE and EO is also advised. Leveling was quite mundane and Asenath's Gentle Touch further eased the leveling progress. Beyond that, just make sure resists are capped and everything will be fine.

It is advised that you pursue AOE and then the Cold DOT Wheels after taking EE and EO, allocating life along the way.

Bandits and Pantheon:

2 Passives, Brine King, and Ryslatha.


Every item must be Elder, so many pieces were crafted at extremely low cost.

The Bow is the most important piece, and level requirement does not matter, in fact a lower level Maraketh bow is advantageous as it has fewer mods to roll. The first order of business should be to roll reduced attribute requirement and take the bow to 4 or 5 off via the Vorici Jewaeller trick. (Elemental Focus may be used in place of Rapid Decay.)

Next, use perfect fossils or Hillock to take the bow to 28% or higher, then add a quality suffix to make 6 linking easy.

Finally, alt for +1 gems and regal, then annul. 50% chance to get what you want, nothing too crazy. The rest are bench mods so they are relatively easy to come by. If you don't have them, I have a free crafting service with all modifiers unlocked. This can be found here:

The other multi-modded item is the body armour. I selected Evasion because I wanted as much avoidance as possible, but ultimately a hybrid chest would be way more easy to chrome and maybe even be better. It was a simple alt for T1 life then regal for a resist, it took me about two minutes to craft it. If you are really set on using a pure evasion chest, I also recommend doing the Vorici bench and rolling it for reduced attribute requirements like the bow to make your life less miserable.

The other pieces which I crafted were the Helmet and Belt.
I used Aberrant and Pristine fossils on belts because I wanted a little more Chaos resistance and was ridiculously over-capped on all other resists. This is not necessary but useful for Incursions.

The Helmet was also a fossil craft. I purchased an enchanted Elder base for around an exalt and used Pristine and Frigid fossils.

A rough cost estimate would be 3ex for 3 jewels, 4ex to craft bow, 6ex to craft chest, 1ex to craft a belt, 3.6ex empower 4, 1.5ex Vortex 21/20, 40c Cold Snap 21, curse on hit gloves 20c, aspect of spider 2ex, random elder rares with life and resists 2ex total.

Its a reasonably cheap build at ~24ex and could be done for much much less. It might run a bit more if you are hard set on an EV chest, but as I've said I believe that decision to have been a mist


Uber Elder time: 2m 31s.

A Quick Mino Kill:

HC Viable?

Fuck no. Go play a 15k ES Occultist, you madman. EHP Pool > All for HC.

"You have ventured far and fought hard to face your doom, puny mortals! Come then and learn the true meaning of despair."
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