3.5 --LACERATE-- 50/50 bleeed stacking/hit damage (end game viable)

Hi everyone i made this build long time ago and perfected it so it can do end game content ( no uber elder sorry)...its uses lacerate to proc bleeds and our gladiator ascendancy helps us with damage and bleeds all the way it gives us AOE clear,frenzy and endurance charges,maim and blind and more bleeeeeeds.We use Crimson dance to stack bleeeds to deal more damage over time but its not our main focus we deal also a lot of damage with hits so its like if you would play firebal that hits hard + you have great ignite damage i hope you gona like it if you have any questions just ask :)

Skilltree : https://www.pathofexile.com/fullscreen-passive-skill-tree/3.5.1/AAAABAQCAQHnBS0GIAaLBqIOPA5DEPAR1RQgFHEUdRXsF9wYkRjbGlUbqhv6HHUg4yFgI_Yl3yyFMHwxsDH7M9k1kjXvNug5JTpSOu09AD7PQKBDMUWaRrdHfkp9TZJQR1FHVvpXl1ivWhpan14TXz9gQWFSYxdjcGVNZrZngGegbNhttG87dKB07XTxd9d4DXloeu9_K3_jgTqBQYGbhNmGYId2iO2K8I19j2CkGagHqW618rkdvJ-9Nr3mvni-p8AawQTBB8GLypDL9c1f02_UUtd-2L3awdy94e_jn-RR5w_pRul27dfueu8O707yWvoY?accountName=Daff370&characterName=bleedinglussy


Outmatch and outlast
Blood in eyes
Gratuitous Violence

Leveling : Use rain of arrows as its best for every levelint till 70+ level
Cutedog have YT video guide



Previously i was using staforge but you have less attack speed and dualwield nodes are better for faster stacking and that elder sowrd is OP Pogchamp and yes expensive LUL i wask lucky to buy it at the end of delve league but feel free to use and Jeweled foil with lot of phys damage attack speed crit and chance to bleed would be nice but not necesary


T15 carcass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VaT_juIibI&feature=youtu.be

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