Where did the racing go?

So, while I played this game a little bit before I even knew race leagues existed ... I found myself drawn to them a year or 2 ago, and participated in each race season/league/whatever more and more. I pretty much thought they were just 1 of the 3 primary ways people played this game. They all seemed popular, interesting, and stream worthy.

Then they disappeared. No word about it (that I saw), no intentional discontinuation, just a stale race league calendar that was still up more than 10 months after the league ended.

Why are there not racing options 100% of the time in this game. Its basically the only thing me and a few of my friends found fun after the first 3 months playing the game. Challenge leagues simply make no sense for people who don't even have a single level 80 character, nor 500 hours to kill.

I love the work that goes into each league and expansion, because the mechanics are neat. But the fact that you put 10-100 hours into something and then it is replaced ... sometimes between, sometimes worse, sometimes just different. This style of game evolution just doesn't have much respect for player's ability to decide how they want to play, and what they enjoy.

Bring back the race leagues ... and let characters jump in and out of game modes, not be tied to 1 league and then done.
Last bumped on Jan 4, 2019, 2:11:41 PM
I wonder the same. Racing was very fun and interesting, why they stopped them?!? Such a shame :-(
I am wondering the same thing. I am new to this game and I am coming from a background of speedrunning and Path of Exile races always seemed very cool. It was disappointing to see there aren't regular races like you would see on speedrunslive.com. There are just league races which seem like they are only relevant for the first week or two of a 6 month long league. Again, i don't know a lot about the game but I would love for there to be weekly or at least monthly races.

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