[3.5][UNARMED Ice Crash][Viable Nice bosskiiller] byDaff

If you have any question comment below
Sometimes i stream on twitch come and say hi if you are interested in noob gameplay LUL
: https://www.twitch.tv/daff370


-This build is benefiting from unamred phys damage and phys-cold coversion upon that you stack ele damage with attack skills and convert phys unarmed damage from claws with amulet

-we could use hatred for more damage but ice crash have weird AOE hit reg so if you play unarmed you cant scale +unamred range or inc aoe from weapons for more AOE even when we use inc AOE gem we need to spread the creal a bit more and thats where herald of ice help us with + bonus damage from heral of purity thats why we dont use ELE focus for even more damage since we cant freeze / shatter enemies we loos that bit of aoe clear

-maybe u ask why ruthles its cause third hit is weaker and ruthles gives us more phys damage every third hit IDK if it scales per every usage of ice crash or per every time it hits enemis but its stil a nice damage bonus but if you wana do more sustain damage go for Inc phys damage instead

-why champion ? we boost mele damage we benefit from fortifi that we proc ourself from hit from shield charge thats why we dont use Fortitude and as new update we can have adrenaline on bossfights or tight situations and Inspirational helps us wuth that alot so we dont have to be Low life to have adrenaline ;) and Conqueror + Worthy foe are realy nice damage boost for our unarmed ice crash

PASTEBIN and Skilltree link for lazy ppl LUL



Current gear and gem setup:


T14 Carcas gameplay : https://youtu.be/gkSi_AIoi7I
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