3.5 Storm Brand variants. (Sc,starter,end game)

Welcome to storm brand and some fancy idea's to go along with this build. Loving this new skill, IT IS AMAZING!


-No Ele Reflect maps
-No mana regen goes slower.


-Early starter
-Cheap investment for low-high end maps
-Diversity in how you can go about building it

Really basic here, you can go Smite, you can go totems, you can go brands early (either Armageddon or Storm)
-Smite feels best for leveling
-can use brands at lvl 12 and faceroll the content.

Brand Vs Brand

-Arma Brand cast faster, has slower attack per second, bigger on paper (tooltip) dps, fire is generally cheaper to gear towards.
-Storm brand, cast slower, faster attack per second,lightning slightly more expensive
-people often assume storm brand is slower at killing bosses then arma, this is false. The attacks it does are faster, creating more crits and effective dps on a boss x2! Zapzapzapzapzap.almost 300% crit multiplier and 30% cc

Links + Mechanics of play

-6L: Controlled Destruction + Light pen + Added Light dmg + Inc Crit Strikes + Efficacy (replaced with concentrated effect)

-5L Remove Crit strikes or Light Pen

_This build allows Life leech, so in a 4L you can go Cwdt (2),Immortal call (4), Warlords mark (6), Inc Duration (20)

^replaced with curse on hit, herald of thunder, warlords mark for reliable LL. Procs via shock, which seems to be up all the time

-Golem Of Choice here + Minion Life + Minion ele resist

-Flame Dash + Faster casting

-Must haveBrand recall

-Using phase run on kill jewel
-Using onslaught on kill+move speed craft on boots

Herald Of Thunder + Wrath (no essence worm)

Gameplay : Can cast 6 brands, so cast them on start. Flame dash to enemies, use brand recall and poof. Re-cast a brand or 2 inbetween longer gaps, recall during longer gaps. If syndicates or boss to hard, make sure they attach and run away, refresh repeat.



All gear is not final and can be swapped around, here will be a list of options
-Main Hand can be swapped for void battery or 2x, budget can be moonsorrow. (Tested void battery, price to dps increase is nit worth unless you run 2x void battery and get the other node on tree t get 8x power charges. Otherwise refer to my items for rare. If you want to shield charge you must use a sceptre.

-Off hand can be Crit shield + Life + spell damage or Magnas eclipses wrks great

-Chest Can be inpulsa's, Tabula, Carcass jack, or rare with high life, resist, life% with life+mana crafted%.

-Gloves can be unique crit / es gloves. Or rare life,dual res, and craft 36% more damage while leeching.

-Rings can add in Essence Worm+wrath and then add MoM on Passive tree

-Boots, eh like mine but add move speed =)

-Amulet focus, light dmg, Life, res,Global crit chance, global crit multiplier.

-Helmet life / res,fossil craft -9% lightning resist. (Metallic fossil+chaotic resonator)

-Belt 1 socket Stygian, life, high dual res, +life/,+res or life jewels.

-Diamond flask for Lucky crit
-Atziri's Promise
-preference of yours after that, make sure to have freeze and bleed removal on flask


Give Alira a hug and help her necrophiliac self

Ascendancy in order

-Sign Of Purpose
-Conviction of power
-Illuminated Devotion
-Arcane blessing (this double dips with brands!
NOTE : you can add arcane surge to flamedash until you finish uber lab for arcane blessing.

Current skill tree

POBhttps://pastebin.com/8LxCeh6wupdating soon so you can follow non mom, follow mom, and a tree by tree for leveling. Might look at what we can do as non crit in future.

_Magna Shield for good survivability
_I use Grand spectrum Jewels in Passive tree, can be switched to flat lightning+Life+res+Cast speed etc
_In passive tree, Can spec out of Blast radius and move towards Shaman's Domain
_This is my first build guide <3
_I Thoroughly enjoy this build and play style.
_I believe with good Play style and more investment it can do end game bosses.
_12/18>skill tree changes, gear upgrades, new detailed pob coming soon!
_12/18 will be including mom version and item swaps to do so soon

-elder gaurdians dead, deathless
-Elder dead 3 deaths (i suck at end mechnics)
-Gear updated
-t15 maps success
-delve 170 thus far
-fought lvl 82 mastermind, did good dps, suck as dodging totem..so yes you can kill her if your not bad like me.
-t16 chimera and phoenix down.
-shaper viable, friend did it with similar build


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Fully updated now.
Added some updates. Pob update with leveling tree coming soon for level x to x
Got any video? I've used Brand as secondary skill in an arc build but I'm very interested on using it as main skill...
no video but will live stream tomorrow.
will make a video as well.
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