The Lich Queen Skeleton/Spector High Clear 3.5 Build Guide [Work in Progress]

Do you want to play with your own "friends/army" and still get that feel of a true necromancer?

This build is being done just for the pure sake of simple and easy mapping T10 - T15.
You can do guardians and uber lab but that takes a lot of skill on your part to reposition your minions for boss mechanics.

How does the build work?
Our main DPS comes from Skeleton Mages. You summon them, they shoot and everything around 1-2 screens wide dies. If there is a rare/bestiary/essence/boss mob your spectres will kick in. 2-4 (with Vis Mortis and or Bones of Ullr) Zombies are there for a flesh wall to soak as much aggro as they can. Then your Femurs of the Saints is factored in and we get 2% increased Minion Attack and Cast Speed per Skeleton(up to 10) and (8-12)% increased Minion Damage per Spectre you own(up to 4), these both ramp up the skeletons to melt most things on your screen. On top of this we have the Haste aura and our creatures love the use of our Flesh Offering, so they can melt your GPU.

This variant takes you more time to set up than a spell echo build but once you have your minions up it shouldn't be a problem. It also uses your zombies to take the brunt of the damage that the monsters put out giving you time to cast the occasional Arctic Breath or more skeletons.

If you are new or uncertain how summoners work, how they are scaled or behave, check out this video guide:

So what do we need to get started?
To start the build you be level 24, need 2 Dead Reckoning Jewels, a 3 link (B-G-G)staff with minion damage. An easy way to get this is with an essenance of fear, I suggest using a 2 handed weapon to get a possible 4 link and really pushing the minion damage as high as possible.

Gearing & Stat Priorities

What base items to use:

The base items of this build really doesn't matter(except Bone Helmet) as we don't care about the base defensive stats such as armour(str), evasion(dex) or energy shield(int). You use your horde of minions to soak as much of the damage as possible. So instead the base items will follow the stat priority listed in this guide.
However, the attribute requirement of the items will base how hard it is to chrome (color) which will be the only thing we will think about when planing our gearing.
So, if you need 4 blue sockets in an item the recommendation is to get an item that has Energy Shield (int) base or a hybrid base which includes Energy Shield (int).

Defensive Stats:

1. Life
2. ES
3. Resistances
4. Dexterity(this build is dex starved)
5. Stregnth(more life=less problems)

Offensive Stats:

1. Minion Damage
2. Minion Life

Final Gear
Final Gear:

Vis Mortis: Raise Spectre + Elemental Focus + Minion and Totem Elemental Resistances + Minion Damage + Swift Affliction + Burning Damage

Femurs of the Saint: Summon Skeleton + Pierce + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Minion Damage + Elemental Focus + Controlled Destruction/Iron Will (Controlled Destruction is better...just depends on how many chromatic orbs you want to try for)

4 Link: Arctic Breath + Culling Strike + Curse On Hit + Elemental Weakness - you can use any chaining/AoE DoT effect you like here...Arc is the other suggested skill though.

4 Link: Vaal Haste + Generosity + Increased Duration + Flesh Offering

4 Link: Flame Dash + Raise Zombie + Desecrate + Summon Stone Golem (You can use Flame Golem for Damage instead)

Helmet: Bone Helmet, nothing is better. Period. 40% more minion damage is nuts.

Rest Gear is just rares with as much life and resists you can get.

For the Jewel Slots we need: 2 Dead Reckoning (CORE ITEM), 4 To Dust

Flasks: Really, anything you like. At least the standard Eternal Life Flask with Bleed Immunity. The rest is what ever you like. Maybe a Rumi for some extra survivability.


Invoker -> Bone Sculptor -> Soul Weaver -> Puppet Master

All levels are estimates it depends on your gear:

Invoker - should be pretty easy, just make sure to dodge the boss and let your minions do their own thing. Can be done about level 33-35.

Bone Sculptor - little more difficult but same basic strategy. Can be done about level 57-60.

Soul Weaver - traps suck, lots more dodging for you and your skeletons might need to be recast at least once during the fight. Can be done about level 68-80.

Big God: Brine King
Small God: Ryslatha or Shakari

Don't forget to upgrade these when you start mapping.

Bandits: Kill All
The 2 passive points are the best we can have.

Labyrinth Enchantments:
Helmet: NONE! We have a Bone Helmet that gives us 40% more minion damage. No Enchant can do better.
Gloves: Commandment of the Grave- More Minions, because more friends
Boots: Regenerate 2% Life and Mana if you've been hit recently.

Leveling Guide

Quests that give Passives

A1: Dweller of the Deep ('the Granddaddy crab')
A1: The Marooned Mariner (Fairgraves)
A1-2: The Way Forward (the seal in Western Forest)
A3: Victario's Secrets (platinum busts)
A4: An Indomitable Spirit (Deshret)
A5: In Service to Science (the Miasmeter)
A5: Kitava's Torments (the Reliquary)
A6: The Cloven One (Aberrath)
A6: The Puppet Mistress (Ryslatha)
A7: Queen of Despair (Gruthkul)
A7: Kishara's Star (the Causeway)
A8: Love is Dead (Tolman)
A8: The Gemling Legion (the Grain Gate)
A8: Reflection of Terror (Yugul)
A9: Queen of the Sands (Shakari)
A9: The Ruler of Highgate (Garukhan)
A10: Vilenta's Vengeance (Vilenta)

Until Level 8 use any skill you like. I prefer Freezing Pulse with any 2 damage support gems.
As soon as you hit level 4 equip a Summon Raging Spirit gem to level it. When you hit level 8 you craft yourself a +1 to fire gems wand (any magic wand + 1 Alteration orb + Ruby Ring) and 3 link it R-B-B and put SRS + Melee Splash + Minion Damage into it. This single item will carry you all the way to level 24 or even higher. All your other slots could be empty and it would still be a breeze. But for your own sanity look for stuff with life and resistances.

Remember to use your second weapon set to level even more gems. This will help you transition when you get a new link completed.

When you are 16 buy Desecrate and put it into your gear to level it.

When you finally hit level 24:
You now throw your Wand and gems away, put the Dead Reckoning into the sockets left and right from the Witch starting area and the From Dust into the socket above the Witch start.
Equip the Reverberation Rod and socket Summon Skeletons + Lesser Multiple Projectiles + Pierce into it.
From this point on your skeletons will do all the main work.

When you are 28 you get yourself the Raise Spectre gem. Put it into any 4 link supported with Elemental Focus, Minion Damage and Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance. You can use it if you want on any monster until you reach the flying cloths "Flame Sentinel". You get yourself this one as spectre and it will support your skeletons in clearing the areas.

When you reach level 38 you can, if you have the currency, buy a 5 linked weapon and put your skeletons into it: Summon Skeletons + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Pierce + Minion Damage + Elemental Focus
If you can not afford a 5 Link weapon exchange skip Elemental Focus. It will be slow to get all your skeletons out till you get your 2nd Ascendancy, this is the slowest part of leveling

When you reach act 6 things start to get fun. You will get rid your Flame Sentinel and exchange it for a Tukohama Vanguard in one of the first 3 areas of act 6 (NOT the Twilight Strand). This will be now your ultimate boss killer.

At level 59 if you have currency, you can get yourself a 5L Vis Mortis and socket your Spectres in it: Raise Spectre + Elemental Focus + Minion and Totem Elemental Resitance + Minion Damage + Switft Affliction.

If you don't have the currency for a Vis Mortis 5 linked you can opt in to farm Blood Aqueducts until you have a Tabula Rasa and put your Spectres into this. A 5L Mortis is still stronger than 6L Tabula! If you get a Tabula add Burning Damage on top of the gems.

At level 68 you get yourself a Femurs of the Saints. If you have currency buy a 5 link, if you have a Jewellers Touch prophecy get the cheapest you can find and make it 5 linked. If you don't have currency get just either the cheapest and put 4 sockets + 4 links on it (should be achievable without the Vorici bank). Put Summon Skeletons + Pierce + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Minion Damage (+ Elemental Focus on 5L) into the Pledge. If you don't have a 5L yet, don't worry. You can even farm T5 on a 4L until you have the currency for a 5L that will let you even farm up to T12 and maybe higher.

At this point you should also setup the rest of the socket groups.

Since your minions are doing all the work you can concentrate to evade stuff that comes at you and that you get out of bad area effects. Keep your skeletons at max and your spectres/zombies/golem at the highest possible level.

What about Bones of Ullr

If your resistances are maxed and you are happy with your life while wearing no boots, yes use them and get the extra spectre.

Spectres you want:
Single Target DPS

Tukamaha Vanguard-found in:
Coast-Act 6
MudFlats-Act 6

Aoe Clear
Solar Guard-found in(not recommended for mage skeletons):
The Battlefront-Act 8
The Solaris Temple Level 1-Act 8
The Solaris Temple Level 2-Act 8
Harbour Bridge-Act 8

My spectres are dying constantly. What am I doing wrong?

Remember that your spectres always have, at maximum the level of your zone you are summoning them in. That is why you instantly get a desecrate at level 16 and start leveling it. This allows your desecrate to always be able to create corpses at the level of your zone or higher so you can get the highest possible spectres. Summon them new on EACH new higher level zone you enter.
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