[3.5] Herald of the Champion Queen!

Welcome! My name is The False King, TFK or even TK for short.
I'd like to share with you the work of one of many builds I've worked on over the last couple months. This one being no older than a day or so after returning to PoE after a 3-4 year hiatus half way into incursion.

This is the first build I've ever released to the public so please give me feedback regardless if you liked it or not. Hopefully enough of you will enjoy it so I can have an excuse to share more.

Enough Idle chit chat unto the build.

These numbers are Patch 3.4(No Impale or Banner stats)

Damage at Level 71 before any gear

Here are the gems you want to level and switch between while leveling for herald

Skill tree at 84

Nice and safe 178%

Welcome to 3.5 Betrayal League. This build was made as a starter to delete as much content as possible with little to no investment from the player. I'll be sure to update regularly and have gear sets for people who are just starting out and want to use this as a guide on their way to gearing and eventually gaining income to support their more expensive builds.

This build has the following play styles:

Relies on minion(s) to kill high content.
(if you dislike minion builds hit the back button)

Aura/Banner bot
(If you enjoy having a multitude of auras and a pimped banner and being able to support party play more effectively than any other class then you're in the right place!)

High Cost Efficient
(You don't have much income to start with and are in need of a cheap but highly effective build)

Cackling while everyone on your screen explodes
(title says it all)

3.5 Has made a lot of changes to the game:

The ones focused here are addition of Banners, Impale(Debuff) and the Ascension changes to Champion.

This build utilizes the synergy between spider and duelist through our insane 'Worthy Foe' ascension perk, new and improved 'Inspirational' along with NEW 'Master of Metal' or 'Unstoppable Hero' for defense.

3.5 Info about HoAg:
Herald of Agony (HoAg) received a minor nerf in the essence of: "No longer receives Increased Damage but instead Increased Physical Damage from Virulence stacks"
What this means is that HoAg no longer gets to rake in additional damage for any type of "additional" damage. Examples being: Added Fire Damage, Smite, gear that gives flat amounts of elemental or chaos damage to pets. Anything of that variety no longer benefits from Virulence unless it's physical. Do not despair though. With Impale as a new debuff mechanic and still benefiting as effectively from things like Hatred HoAg is very much strong.

Now for Impale. "Pain and simple."

Added a new Debuff - Impale: When a hit applies Impale, a portion of that Hit's Physical Damage is recorded before sources of damage mitigation are applied. The next 5 hits against that target apply that recorded damage as Reflected Physical Damage. You can have multiple Impales on a target.

Information about Impale:
This new debuff is absolutely insane in terms of damage gain for physical builds like ourselves that can capitalize on. As with our new Inspirational we know have a total of 20% increased Aura Effectiveness when Guardian was the highest possible at only 10% increased effectiveness. We now get 10% more allowing us to scale certain auras higher than before or cut corners where previously you couldn't. Adding to the fact banners have been introduced and ours cost 0% to reserve so we're able to pimp them out with a range of empower, duration, enhance and other spectacular gems at the cost of nothing is simply amazing.

Impale currently stores 10% of your hit's damage as reflect damage on your target. Our HoAg can store 5 hits and we can add two more if take Master of Metal. Ours however doesn't mean much, but our precious girl here will have (with improved impale effectiveness) over 80% of her hit's damage from attacks alone each timer she hits. This is an absurd amount of damage considering at Level 20 gems on a 6l she has 550-600k DPS.

We are able to abuse the effectiveness of our Dread Banner to improve our Herald even higher giving us a 40% base Fortify (can be improved) as well as increasing the effectiveness of Impale by over 60%.

Now for a quick POB rundown:

Level: 84
Class: Duelist
Ascension: Champion
Designation: Support
Life: 178%
Minimum Damage Output: ~500K minimum
Utility: Provides 6 auras and Improved Dread Banner for now

86% Evasion (162% Evasion)
0% Armour (108% Armour)
40% flat Minimum Damage Reduction from ALL hits

100% increased Life
Minion Damage/Attack Speed

After this you can either decide to ramp up your herald for maximum damage or you can go straight for Life nodes and get over 200% or even decide to spec into multiple curses and efficiency. I wanted to leave this here so you can decide for yourself how you'd like to continue from here.

Currently I'm working on best optimal gear, but since I won't have access to impale and such until PoB is updated and I get my hands on the gems in game I can't produce you a list of best gear and gems, however! I can give you a check list of what I am currently using and a pathed out build up to 71 (86 as well for acrobactic/life/minion damage/attack speed)

Ascension Priority: Conqueror - Worthy Foe - Inspirational - Master of Metal or Unstoppable Hero

Our first 3 choices are interchangeable. If you feel you don't need the accuracy yet because of your weapon choice you can pick up Inspirational first and then work on getting Worthy Foe.


Our first goal is to reach the large life wheel in the scion tree first. Continue from the wheel west until we reach the outer lane and go straight up picking life nodes as we go and stopping once we hit the access point to the aura wheel in the Templar tree.

-Here is option point. You may collect the points in the Minion wheel if
you're finding HoAg is lacking or you can simply collect more life nodes-

Head back to the Scion life wheel and go counter clock-wise around the Scion wheel until you reach east of Ranger and then pick up our aura nodes.

-Here you can decide if you want to progress into reaching Acrobactics or not-

Lastly head back onto the Scion wheel and go north-east and pick up the aura nodes in the Scion tree at the 1 O'clock position and head north-east to the top of the tree and go over 1 point and get those aura nodes as well.

At this point if you haven't spent any extra points at all you should be level 64 (assuming you have all your talent points and you picked 'Murder them all!' for your bandits.)

At this point you will want to collect life nodes that are on the path created for easy access but you may find you're incredibly tanky with Dread Banner due to enemy accuracy reduction and improved fort when dropped. At this point it's what makes you feel most comfortable and where you want spend your last 30 or so points. Recommend is Life or Curse Effectiveness coupled with more minion nodes. But I'll have another tree posted here later.

'Murder them ALL!'

To be determined (Depends if you take acrobatics or not)


So now the fun part. Here is a list of current links (subject to possible change)

- Main -

Weapon or Chest
Herald of Agony - Minion Damage - Damage on Full Life - Vicious Projectiles - Vile Toxins - Pierce, Maim or Empower

Now here is where it's tricky. Empower at level 4 (possibly 3) will overpower every other gem as a support. Your HoAg levels are extremely Valuable in terms of damage output. There are certain break points you reach at 21(from 3% to 4% attack speed per virulence) and every 2 points after 20 that give you +1% increased physical damage for each virulence as well.

This is why having a level 21 HoAg will be very important if you want to churn out higher numbers. Levels are key for HoAg.

As this is made at the start of league, having a level 3 let alone a level 4 Empower is not a possible option. So you should think about using Pierce unless you're using Projectile Weakness to get free pierce for HoAg. If you are then pick up Maim as Maim is probably going to outpace Vile Toxins or even Vicious depending on how much impact it will have for creating higher impale stacks. So be sure to level each of these gems!

Dread Banner - Empower - Enhance - Increased Duration

Attack Skill - Poison - Open - Open

Purity of Light/Fire/Cold - Enlighten

Main Hand or Off-hand/Shield
Grace - Haste - Enlighten

Main Hand or Off-hand/Shield
Hatred - Generosity - Enlighten

There is a lot of room for preference and choice in this build. You can do a Quill Rain with either Toxic Rain or Rain of Arrows to generate Virulence stacks and a ton of LGoH or you can use a 1 hander and a prism guardian to make room for more auras. The idea is you can pick between 1 hander/2 hander and go either Dual Wield or Bow. This flexibility is to encourage your kind of play style while still generating enough Virulence stacks.

Attack Skill - It's recommended that you ONLY take the following skills (when you reach high enough to use):
Bow: Rain of Arrows, Toxic Rain (Quill Rain is king)
1 Handed/2 Handed: Cyclone, Blade Flurry, Charged Dash, (Tectonic, Consecrated Path, Sunder, Lancing/Shattering Steel should all work fine)

On taking a 2 handed weapon or bow you are able to modify quite a few changes as you can now run a 7l or have a 6l attack to complement HoAg more.

Depending on which you pick this build will open up avenues in terms of what Chest and Helmet become your best in slot. More information on this in the up coming week.


Matua Tupuna ~1c
Dirt cheap shield and will scale a 3l herald until you can support a 4l. Will give you +2 to minions while herald is socketed in it and not to mention +10% to aura effectiveness.

Dying Breath ~2c
Cheap and highly effective for what it does. Great investment as this will improve your curses/auras for herald and provide a small block chance.

Victario's Influence ~Expensive day 1 Goes down considerably with in a week
Absolutely stunning for what we need it for. Gives us reduced HoAg cost or we can put hatred/vaal haste in here to grant HoAg improved capabilities.

Quill Rain ~3c slightly expensive, possibly cheap because of nerf
Stellar choice in terms of generating both virulence and impale stacks (once you have Dread banner) Base attack speed is 3.00 and is crack our for our HoAg.

Alpha Howl ~20c day one, drops considerable after a week
Much needed mana reserve. Should be priority until aiming for HoAg helm.

Tabula Rasa or Skin of the Loyal ~25c,~50c day one respectively drops but not much throughout
Tabula will gives us our 6L off the bat. Try and aim for this or better yet go for Skin of the Loyal if you can get a cheap one. +1 To all skills for Herald of absolutely insane. Don't break the early piggy bank as you can invest very little and get through all the hard content without it.

Prism Guardian ~expensive day one and then drops
Insanely good because it will allow us to manage more auras allowing us to forego resist gear and stack minion and health related gear without spending tons of resources on resists.

The Scourge or something similar ~Expensive day one and then drops ofc
Insane stat stick our herald and great attack speed for us using cyclone or similar skills to generate virulence and banner stages.

My recommendation is getting a quill rain if you're going to be range and a Matua to start with for melee with a fast 1 Hander. Cheapest fastest weapon you can find will be perfect (claw is perfect)

Once we get into Betrayal League and I can update this page with actual gear I'll be sure to go into more depth on which path you will want to take if you're goal is supporting your friends, clear speed, boss killing or even delving. I hope everyone enjoys Betrayal league because I'm very excited for it and the changes made this patch.

Please leave comments and questions on this page so I can reply to them in a timely manner. Constructive criticism is appreciated and even encouraged so I can make this look better and possibly future builds.

Thanks for your time and enjoy!

Update 1: My current setup is in my profile as HeraldOfQueens. I'm currently rocking 6 auras (besides HoAg) and cleaning house with a small amount of life. My death count so far has been once from a cluster of 4 rank 3 syndicate members pouncing at me at the same time without having vaal grace up.

I sadly won't be on much this week as I have finals. I'll try and post some videos in a few days or so to give you look and feel of what you can expect from this build. So far I'm enjoying it immensely since you can just whirl as cyclone with not a care in the world and HoAg cleans house.

So far I've spent approximately 54c or so on 3 items. Prices have reduced and probably a lot cheaper now.
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Did this build flop since minions do not impale? Or get buffs from master of metal?
Did this build flop since minions do not impale? Or get buffs from master of metal?
Completed 12 Challenges10015 wrote:
Did this build flop since minions do not impale? Or get buffs from master of metal?

Nope, running it right now. having a blast with it.
nevermind saw that the hp was 3k.
Last edited by frasdockan on Dec 10, 2018, 7:12:04 PM
Completed 12 Challenges10015 wrote:
Did this build flop since minions do not impale? Or get buffs from master of metal?

Minions may not receive the impale chance from Master of Metal, BUT they do receive it from my Dread Banner. They also get improved impale chance from the high aura effectiveness that I've put points into getting. So far all the content I've done has been easy and quick.

Completed 7 Challengesfrasdockan wrote:
nevermind saw that the hp was 3k.

Currently yes it has 3k. Yet I have yet to die to any of the content because of defenses and massive damage reduction. You can easily have 5k-6k life if you chose to, but you have to sacrifice acrobatics or other damage choices which as i've posted is a choice up to you depending on play style.

Later tonight I'll post a tree with 178% life. I'll see if I can't do a map for you as well with my current iteration of the build.

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Completed 7 Challengesfrasdockan wrote:
nevermind saw that the hp was 3k.

3k hp, overcapped resists, im sitting on about 65% unbuffed evade chance, with potions and vaal grace(which you should run as grace) Im basically untouchable with about 60-70% dodge/spell dodge and 77% evasion, if a hit gets through, you're cycloning for 42 hp per hit and you're hitting A LOT of guys with it, its thousands of HP regen per second.

My build is level 82 and currently 3447 hp. You could always get more HP, this build is very flexible and that is what drew me to it. it's a very versatile build with low gear dependency, easy to understand and can be built many ways!
ill be over 4.5k hp by the time im nearing mid 90s, might even jiggle some traits around to push that to over 5k. remember though, you are an aurabot and have sometimes about 82% resistance, it's really nice.

If toughness is a concern, you can always swap to fortify jewel and take the fortify buff nodes with a cleave multistrike Life on hit blind combo or something, then when you drop the banner down, you'll be extremely tanky.

This build is an amazing league starter, and while it may never be the #1 streamer build or the build everyone is running all the time, it's certainly original and has its merits. I usually play summoners and/or aurabots and i love high defense(evasion usually) so this build ticks all the boxes for me. and i can play it like a WW barb! which is super fun :)
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The thing is the physical mitigation. Because of the builds generally low phys reduction, one hit in higher map tiers and you're dead. I liked the build, but I gotta figure out how to fix the phys mitigation effective hp.
Completed 7 Challengesfrasdockan wrote:
The thing is the physical mitigation. Because of the builds generally low phys reduction, one hit in higher map tiers and you're dead. I liked the build, but I gotta figure out how to fix the phys mitigation effective hp.

Dread Banner is your physical reduction. This is a champion build so fortify is pretty neat in this build.

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