[3.6] Dominating Blow Juggernaut - SSF / Beginner / League Starter


*Adjusted the build with main focus on SSF.

-Bone helmet implicit has been nerfed, but now we can use lab enchantments on top of it.
-New Herald rings just made sentinels of purity a lot stronger.
In general the build has been buffed and became more versatile.

About the build:
A simple and straightforward build that can achieve a good balance between offence and defence, with very few requirements. Ideal for casual players and SSF. It's playstyle is that of a melee summoner, hitting enemies in melee to summon minions that do all the work. Tested up to Shaper.

Untested for:
Uber elder / Uber Atziri
Hall of the Grandmasters
Hardcore viability (Suggestions and feedback are welcome)

-Very easy to gear
-Good damage (1~2M+ boss dps)*
-Uber Lab farmer
-Can do all map mods**
-Room for MF gear

-Average Clear Speed
-Melee summoner, meaning you might have to make adjustments if your minions are dying faster than your summoning rate***.


-Level 90 char, Leveled gems.
-From basic SSF gear to reasonably optimized SSF gear.
-Assuming all minions you can summon on a boss, are up and attacking. 9 normal sentinels of dominance, 4 sentinels of purity.

Until you start optimizing your gear, your 'main hit' damage will be really low. That means your leech will be low as well. So you need to be careful with "No life and mana regeneration" and you should also bring a mana flask.

Physical reflect can't kill you. You might want to avoid it though in tough bosses, like shaper guardians, just for minion survivability purposes.

There might be few situations, where minions die fast and you can't melee the boss long enough to keep them up all the time. A perfect example is Hall of the Grandmasters. Possible solutions could be Vaal Breach, The Writhing Jar, manual summons etc. Facing that problem in easier content than Shaper, might be an indication for you to upgrade your gear.

Trees and Leveling:

Tree: https://www.pathofexile.com/build/VjPPiW
PoB: https://pastebin.com/XDq2HHkG

HoP: https://pastebin.com/EpSRGG94
PoB for Herald of Purity expensive variation. Just to showcase potential with new synthesis rings.

Tree Variations:
The only real choice, is if you want to go for more minion damage with Death Attunement, sacrificing life regeneration and dexterity. Other than that, small changes can be made depending on your gear. For example, once you craft aspect of the spider, you will probably need Sovereignty.


I would go with the above order.


Go for Resolute Technique, Spiritual Aid and Spiritual Command first. After that, it depends on what do you need most and can't cover from gear. Since your 'main hit' damage will be low for some time, if you have any issues with mana, you can grab nodes like Mana Flows, Righteous Decree or Deep Thoughts, depending on your tree.

Helmet: Herald of purity-Minion damage-Brutality-Melee Physical Damage

Chest: Dominating Blow-Brutality-Melee Physical Damage-Multistrike-Maim-Ruthless (Boss) / Melee Splash (Clearing)

Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 20)-Immortal Call-Summon Stone Golem || War Banner OR Dread Banner*

Whirling Blades-Blood Magic-Fortify-Faster Attacks OR Vaal Haste**

Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 1)-Enfeeble (lvl 5)-Convocation (lvl 5)

Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 1)-Desecrate (lvl 7)-Flesh Offering (lvl 8)

*: Dread banner is the more defensive option. Considering damage, PoB does not calculate impale, so no idea.
**: Keep Vaal Haste around lvl 10~12, if you want to lower dexterity requirements. You can use an unset ring, if you don't want to replace faster attacks. Haste is not used as an aura.

Why not Minion Damage gem on chest?
'Main hit' damage is low, even with optimized gear. Since minion damage is more than enough, we have no reason to weaken our hit (especially early on), because this will affect leech and summoning speed on trash packs while no minions are up.

Gem setup
Gem setup is pretty versatile. You can use things like Animate Guardian, Vaal summon skeletons etc. Customize to your liking. Also keep in mind that Dominating blow and Herald of Purity minions, gain a significant boost in damage from gem level, so try to get them to 21.



Basic info:
We try to scale our minion dps from Weapons, Helmet and Jewels. We can focus on defenses or utility for the rest.

We prioritize "minion attack speed" over "minion damage" mods. Although "minion damage" ones might give higher dps, our hit does not benefit much from them (see spiritual aid and spiritual command on tree). Attack speed on the other hand, improves our summoning rate on bosses.


Bone helmet with "+ to level of socketed minion gems".

Lab enchants:

+1 to maximum number of Sentinels of Purity:
Good for bosses mostly.

Herald of Purity has 30% reduced Mana Reservation:
Saves us few skill points from tree.

Dominating Blow can summon an additional Rare Sentinel of Dominance:
Good mostly for Clearing/Delve.

Flesh Offering grants an additional 21% increased Attack Speed:
Good damage boost overall.

Increased buff effect for stone golem/enfeeble/banners etc. are also useful.
None of the above are needed.


Stygian vise (for another jewel slot).

Belt of the deceiver is a very good unique option, both defensively and offensively. Intimidate gives a better damage boost than a good jewel, but a rare belt can give much higher life/resistances in combination with the abyssal jewel.


This is the most important part when it comes to damage. We want Ghastly jewels with the following stats:

-Minions have #% increased attack/cast speed
-Increased Minion damage if you used a minion skill recently
-Minions deal # to # additional Physical Damage

-Maximum Life
-Minions have #% chance to Blind/Taunt on Hit with Attacks

If you are satisfied with your HP, you can skip it and just go for damage. Blind is very good for our defence, but you need it in only one jewel.
You can easily craft magic ones with "+ to maximum life" and "Minions have #% increased attack/cast speed", while leveling.

Cobalt jewels with "minions deal #% increased damage" are also an option, if you can't find any ghastly ones early on.


We have 2 unique options. Either dual wielding The Scourge or using Victario's Charity as a shield.

Victario's Charity is better both offensively (when all frenzy charges are up) and defensively. The drawback is that we loose attack speed on our hit. So use either one of these options depending on your needs.

You can farm The Scourge from Pit of the Chimera Boss.

Until then, use rare claws with life gain on hit implicits and:
-Good attack speed (1.7+)
-Decent physical dps
-Open suffix to add "Minions have #% increased attack/cast speed" or "Minions deal #% increased damage" at the crafting table.

You can also try to craft your weapons with Bound Fossil or Essence of Fear. A rare weapon crafted with Bound Fossil, can surpass the minion damage boost of The Scourge. Just make sure to also roll some decent physical dps.


In general, we need defensive stats, Life, Life Regeneration, Resistances etc. Attack speed is helpful but not a priority.

Life/Mana Leech on gear can save few points from tree.

Aspect of the spider (Bestiary) is a great boost for both offence and defence. Aspects of the Avian/Crab can be also used if you unlock them first.

"+1 to level of socketed gems" and "+2 to level of socketed duration gems" are really strong corruptions for body armor, if you get lucky (easier for tabula).

Since we don't need any flasks for dps purposes, we can use whatever helps us survive, depending on the situation, or use utility ones. The usual modifiers we need on magic flasks, are "Removes bleeding" and "Removes freeze and chill". You can roll those on life flasks. Some good options are:

Silver Flask: Increases attack speed, thus faster summoning on bosses.
Sulphur flask: Creates consecrated ground, which increases our life regeneration.
Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire flasks: Use those to lessen elemental damage taken.

Useful Uniques



Brass dome fits nicely because we have no issues reaching high HP with no bonus from body armour. It can be farmed from Maze of the Minotaur Boss.

No words about these rings. Apart from giving sentinels of purity a big damage boost, reduced mana reservation opened a lot of options for this build. Herald of purity can now work similar to Herald of Agony. You can use purity on a 6link with any attack of your choice. Combined with a +1 sentinels lab enchant, potential damage of sentinels alone can go above 1 Mil. That also solves some problems with dominating blow summoning on some bosses.

The fated version of Kaom's Sign (The King's Path prophecy). A great boost to our life regeneration.

Not the easiest unique to get, but not an important one anyway. In case you get lucky, you can use Haste as an aura which is a nice boost for both you and your minions.

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Can i use The Writhing Jar ?
I did this build last league as gaurdian. Withering jars are a must for clear imo. I spammed them to keep minions up.
There are a lot of differences from guardian versions. Withering jar is completely unnecessary for clearing. The only situation that might come in handy is maybe in really tough boss fights with no adds to kill, or if you die and don't want to go back with no minions. The whole point is to build around tankiness so you don't have to worry about going melee to summon.
I am new to the game. I am confused if i am supposed to use any kind of minion or a certain type?
KliierQueen wrote:
I am new to the game. I am confused if i am supposed to use any kind of minion or a certain type?

Dominating Blow: An attack skill that summons minions on kill and on hit
Herald of Purity: A toggle skill that summons minions when you hit/kill with any skill.

If you want to try any other type of minion, you can.
Playing this in HC and love it so far. Level 83 and chugging along.

Had some issues with minion survivability, but those have mostly gone away with the leech node and gem levels. We'll see how well it keeps scaling (only through tier 5 maps now).

I went with Victario's Charity and I'm thinking of maybe pursuing Craiceann's Carapace as my goal chest. How valuable do you find the Aspect of the Spider (I'd be replacing it with Aspect of the Crab)?

Current Gear:
Aspect of the spider gives both offensive and defensive bonus. Also, more phys reduction is not probably needed for jugg. If I were to try HC, I would probably try to build around higher regen and higher health pool. So I would go with rare chest and probably more end charges, kaom's way rings etc.

Another option would be to try to balance more between main hit damage and minion damage, so with better leech you could try bloodseeker and scourge.

Edit: Added a high regen variation. Will test at some point and post results.
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I played this build on SSF HC. I got to level 92 and downed Elder, Atziri and the guardians. I enjoyed it a lot. Really picked up around 84 when I started stacking more health and increased my attack speed.
I played this build on SSF HC. I got to level 92 and downed Elder, Atziri and the guardians. I enjoyed it a lot. Really picked up around 84 when I started stacking more health and increased my attack speed.

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