[3.4] Here comes the BOOM! - Crit Infernal Blow Slayer

*****This isn't a full guide, it's a template for the future, can't play the game right now*****

Infernal Blow and Slayer? Isn't that a Marauder skill (and not particularly a good one)?

Well, on 3.3 I made an Infernal Blow Chieftain and while not good enough for end game content, it was fun and extremely enjoyable.

So, I started to look at the options available to attempt something with crit escaling. It´s how I got to look at Slayer and the reason why I stayed with Slayer can be summed up with this: it's a 9-link and 6 flasks Infernal Blow.

-First ascendancy (Impact): This gives you 2 things, the first is Melee Splash, this is your 7-Link, Melee Splash and Ancestral Call are really strong all the way into high yellow maps, later the combination of 2 skill gems that take damage away from the skill is too punishing. With Impact, you can add more damage, especially because the splash hits for full damage. Also, Impact gives you 30% increased AOE, which is global, it affects Ancestral Call, Melee Splash, weapon range, Overkill of Herald of Ash and Infernal Blow explosions.

-Second ascendancy (Headsman): 20% increased area if you have killed recently. That makes it a 50% increase, that's a global level 21 Increase AOE support gem. That's the 8-Link. The node also gives MORE damage and, with us not converting all damage to fire, no Phys reflect is a nice bonus.

-Third ascendancy (Bane of Legends): OP Culling strike. 9-Link. Also, killing rares or uniques gives you Onslaught, so no Silver Flask is necessary.

-Fourth ascendancy (Endless Hunger): 20% of Overkill damage is leeched with a skill like Infernal Blow that overkills packs after one touch is overkill for your leech cap.

Pros and cons:
*High amount of DPS (according to PoB almost 900k Shaper DPS)
*That DPS above is with a 6 socketed, 3 linked Terminus Est. Upgrading damage with a nice Exquisite Blade with those links should be quite cheap.
*Enemies explode with a sound that fills you with satisfaction.
*With 192% increased life from tree can be beefy enough.
*There is room for damage increases, it just would be expensive (Xoph's Blood, rings with phys added as fire, etc.).

*It's a melee skill, you die, that's life.

Leveling guide:
Level up with Cleave/Chance to Bleed/Ruthless until Infernal Blow is available with Nessa (The Siren's Cadence). Support IB with Added fire and Ancestral Call. As soon as you land a 4th RED link, test your damage output with Melee Splash. After you get Impact (First Ascendancy) change MS with Melee Phys Damage Support. For Bosses, change Ancestral Call for Elemental Damage with Attacks Support.

As soon as available, get your Auras (Herald of Purity and Herald of Ash).

Also, while leveling, get most of your traveling done before level 40, you can look at my profile for my current tree, I've traveled to both Crit wheel in Marauder and Sword wheel in Ranger.

Leveling Items:

The PoB link:

I'll edit this thread in the future with Gear and Links explanations.

If you liked it, make stuff go BOOOM!
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Looking forward to a full write up!
Added a short leveling guide and 3 leveling items that are useful early on. Wideswing should serve as your weapon until you upgrade to Terminus Est. If you feel like your damage output is a bit low before you upgrade to Terminus Est, you could try Rigwald's Charge and start getting Sword nodes.
Hey! I'm doing your build now. IB is rlly interesting skill so I will give a try to it. How u fell with slayer leech? It was mandatory to me for any slayer build to take Brutal Fervour.
Hey! I'm doing your build now. IB is rlly interesting skill so I will give a try to it.

Nice to hear! IB is one of those skills that won't ever be meta because it isn't great against packs and single target, but it´s just SO DAMN FUN that some people like me will continue to try to make our builds better and better.

How u fell with slayer leech? It was mandatory to me for any slayer build to take Brutal Fervour.

I struggled with this choice, not just because I love that ascendancy, but because the build doesn't escalate any form of damage mitigation, it only has some leech, some armor, very little evasion and won't generate Endurance charges, all to go along with an average amount of life.

So yes, Brutal Fervour looked extremely tempting, but then, having a 9-Link character with Infernal Blow won me over. It's going to be flashy, LOUD and it's going to die, but will still be worth my time.

Hopefully yours as well. Make stuff go BOOM!

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