[3.4] MoM/Acro Toxic Rain Miner - Making it Rain in Style! Uber Elder Down!

Do you like mines? Do you like growing a giant garden of questionable plants that will angrily tentacle your enemies to death? Or do you just want to beat Shaper into the dust? Then read on, friend. Because today, we're talking about Toxic Rain Mines.


I gave up on trying to get any sort of decent quality videos, since my poor potato can't handle both playing this build and recording it at the same time without dropping the video quality through the floor. So, sorry about that, but it's as good as I can get it for now.
Shaper Kill
Uber Elder Kill


Gets going for relatively cheap
Lots of room for expansion with funds
Reasonable damage
Neat playstyle if you like mines
Great crowd control
Decent effective health pool with lots of regeneration
Capable of running most combinations of map mods on most maps
Hearing 50 plants explode a quarter-second apart sounds like popcorn

Not so neat playstyle if you don't like mines
Being unable to pick targets can suck sometimes
Range can be somewhat limited compared to Quill Rain Toxic Rain builds
Can struggle a bit with no regen maps against particularly tough enemies (fuck you, Guardian of the Minotaur)

So, for those who are familiar with more advanced theorycrafting and just want to get rolling with the tree/gear I used, here's the Path of Building code for my character in its current not-so-budget state. I tried to not check too many bullshit boxes; everything there should be a reasonable representation of what the build can do with some money poured into it. In the gear tab, I've also included a few budget bows, since that's the most expensive part of this build. Remember that the tooltip DPS will be low since most of the damage of this build comes from multipliers that aren't accounted for in the tooltip.



I realize I can be a bit wordy when it comes to guide-writing, so for everyone who just wants to know how this works, here's the short version.

The endgame tree is here. Don't be afraid to take extra INT/DEX nodes until you have the gear to meet the 500-stat barriers; quests will give you more than enough respec points to cover that. Thief's Craft and Agility are your friends. Go for Clever Construction first, then path over to MoM, then down to Constitution, taking life nodes along the way. After that, start stacking into attributes and damage.

For bandits, kill 'em all.

For gear, the mandatory bits are Curtain Call, Astramentis, and Cyclopean Coil. These three in tandem, combined with a tree that branches heavily across the INT/DEX area, gets most of the attribute bonuses necessary to enable Curtain Call’s extra mines, which comes out to roughly 50% more DPS when compared to having a Shaped helmet. Additionally, a +levels or Vicious Projectiles (or ideally, both) bow is going to be very good for endgame DPS, get one if you can afford it. If not, Death’s Opus or Silverbough are workable substitutes, although they might struggle some against the latest-game content. Gear is otherwise pretty standard stat-stacking stuff; if you’re lacking in one attribute or another due to having not finished the tree, make it up on gear. I can heartily recommend Shaper’s Touch and Loreweave if you can make up the resistance loss from those slots on the rest of your gear; if not, just use random rares. Rare chestpieces in particular can be very strong for very cheap on this build, since it’s likely you’ll be able to fit your main skill into just your bow eventually and rare chestpieces that aren’t 6Led tend to go for very cheap regardless of their stats.

On pantheon, I tend to use Soul of the Brine King because I hate being CC'ed and Soul of Ralakesh/Ryslatha so I don't bleed as hard (or to fill up flasks in the Labyrinth.) Overall, just use whatever souls seem best for the situation, they're not exactly the most impactful things anyways.

The main gem setup is Toxic Rain/Remote Mine/Concentrated Effect/Vicious Projectiles/Swift Affliction/Void Manipulation/Trap and Mine Damage Support. Everything else is utility; the usual CWDT/Immortal Call/Increased Duration for safety (with a Detonate Mines thrown in for if you get stunned and can’t detonate your stuff), Blink Arrow and Phase Run linked to Faster Attacks and Increased Duration for mobility and distraction, a Detonate Mines/Spell Totem setup for when you feel like being lazy and not detonating mines manually, a Vaal Blight setup for extra damage, and a CWDT/Curse on Hit/Bladefall/Despair setup because I didn’t know what else to include.

Intro and Reasoning

So. Why did I choose to build this way, and why did I handle gear the way I did?

First and foremost, I started with wanting to build something with Curtain Call. In particular, I wanted to do something with bows, since mines do a great job with bows that have a lower IAS. After browsing around a bit, I looked at Toxic Rain and thought “hey, that looks like fun, let’s try that.” Everything between then and now has been slight tweaks and evolutions of the build to get it to where it is.

Now, as for the gear, I just picked up a random +2/Vicious Projectiles bow and 6Led it. A +3 without Vicious Projectiles works too, but is around 17% less damage overall.

One last couple notes on gear: get mine laying speed on all your jewels. Every last one. Curtain Call lets you get away with much faster minelaying than you would be able to handle with just Saboteur, so take advantage of that.

Gearing for the Lazy
Get a Curtain Call, Astramentis, and Cyclopean Coil. Slap the first 2 on as soon as you can, then the third when you hit the necessary level. The better the rolls on these, the easier your life will be.

Otherwise, getting attributes on gear makes your tree easier to build and vice versa. So long as you hit 500 INT and DEX at the end of the day, you’re fine. If you can afford it, Loreweave and Shaper’s Touch bring great defenses to the table, but rares to help cover res, attributes, and life are just fine too. I like getting most of the attributes on my jewels, along with life and mine laying speed, because the damage/utility boost is still great while the jewels themselves are relatively cheap.

A lot of your damage will come from a few affixes on your bow; +level to bow gems and the Vicious Projectiles Elder mod will both offer oodles of damage. Get them ASAP. Otherwise, go for as many additional arrows as you can get without using support gems (that means picking them up on your quiver) and have fun.

Gearing for the Thorough

Helmet: Curtain Call. Get the best roll you can, it’s probably cheap. With this particular building method, there’s no replacement – it gives a buncha damage and utility.

Amulet: Astramentis. Same reasoning as Curtain Call, enabling it and giving a fair amount of life, mana, and Strength so that you don't need to ever grab strength anywhere.

Belt: Cyclopean Coil. Damage for the massive STR we get from Astramentis? Yes please. You can also use a well-rolled Stygian Vise and make up the attributes on the rest of your gear, but that’s probably going to be far more expensive than it’s worth. Also, Cyc Coil makes you immune to freeze, which is glorious.

Bow: For starters, use Death’s Harp, Death’s Opus, or Reach of the Council with Toxic Rain in your chestpiece until you can afford a 6L bow. Then, abuse fossilcrafting to get +3 to bow gems on that sucker – this build doesn’t care about too much else at this point, although attack speed and proj speed are both nice for Blink Arrow if you get them, and DEX is a godsend for covering that 500 requirement. From there, your best upgrades are going to be Elder bows with some combination of the Vicious Projectiles support and +levels to bow gems. Even just a +1 6-link with the VP support is going to handily outdo a +3 bow. If you want to spend a lot of money, get a +3 6-link with the VP support and some of the fossil mods; +1 to DEX gems would be very, very good.

Quiver: +1 arrow is a great damage boost if you can afford it. Otherwise, aim for at least 30 DEX, then resistances and life. Hyrri’s Bite is a very solid quiver for the earlier stages of this build, but lacks life that you’ll want later on, so don’t get too attached. Oh, and keep in mind that Tora can craft some nice mine prefixes on any quiver you use which are well-worth the price, since they're some of the few mods available on a quiver that actually give this build a damage increase.

Body Armor: A solid rare will take you a long way – don’t bother with a 6L once you have a 6Led bow for your Toxic Rain, since not bothering with links makes your options much, much cheaper. Aim for res, then whatever attributes you’re lacking for Curtain Calls’ requirements, then life. You can usually get a whole bunch of all three for well under 10c. Alternatively, if you can afford the res loss, life loss, and hefty pile of currency, Loreweave offers attributes and some very nice elemental defenses – and if you just want damage, Cherrubim’s Maleficence offers a lot of that at the cost of res and attributes.

Rings: Your main source of res and attributes if you need them. Aim for whatever attributes you need to fill, then res, then life, then utility stats like attack speed or chaos damage.

Gloves: Basically the same as rings but they don’t come with implicit resistances. If you can afford to cover res with the rest of your gear, Shaper’s Touch offers a very beefy chunk of effective health that more than makes up for the loss of res on the slot.

Boots: I generally buy these last. Fill whatever resistances you need, get at least 25% movement speed, and then try to snag as much life as you can afford. You shouldn’t be aiming to fill attributes with your boots slot unless you’re in a really desperate situation or found some really nice rings that just barely don’t cover that 500 requirement.

Tree & Leveling

Here’s the endgame tree. You get there by going out from Shadow through the DoT stuff over to Clever Construction, then up the path to Volatile Mines, taking life nodes as is necessary. From there, go back to the DEX side of the tree and pick up Acro + Phase Acro, the jewel socket, and Herbalism. At this point, if you have an Astramentis and some DEX on your gear, you can start to shoot for the 500 DEX threshold and get an extra mine from Curtain Call by taking Alacrity and using DEX-heavy jewels. If you don’t, no sweat, you’ll probably hit that threshold when you slap on the Cyclopean Coil a few levels down the line anyways. From there, head through Witch, take MoM and go up to Cruel Preparation, then dive down into Constitution. Only after you have Constitution do you really need any more damage nodes than the simple mine ones that get picked up early on; and since there’s not much else to do with your points, go get Potency of Will, Heavy Draw, and Destructive Apparatus in that order.

For your Ascendancy, go Saboteur (obviously), take the mine nodes first, then Pyromaniac, then Born in the Shadows. You can swap one of those latter two for Explosives Expert if you really have a hankering for damage, but I prefer the heavy defensive nodes to the general utility of Explosives Expert.

Oh, and one final note about leveling: don’t be afraid to take temporary +10 dex/int nodes to hit the Curtain Call thresholds. If you’re close enough, it’s worth it, and you’ll have more than enough respec points thanks to quests to get rid of those extra nodes when you have better gear or a more expansive tree. Hell, you can even make improvements to the current tree if you can afford spectacular gear – there’s a few points to be gained by cutting superfluous +10 dex and int nodes that are scattered around the place that could go into more damage, jewels, life, or all three.


All gems are listed in order of importance.

For damage:
Toxic Rain/Remote Mine/Vicious Projectiles/Concentrated Effect/Swift Affliction/Void Manipulation/Trap and Mine Damage

For utility:
Low-level Cast when Damage Taken/Low-level Bladefall/Curse on Hit/Despair
This should pop on bosses whenever you need it. Swap Despair for Enfeeble if you’re more fond of not dying than you are of making other things die.

For movement/utility:
Blink Arrow/ Faster Attacks/Phase Run/Increased Duration
Blink Arrow to cross gaps and move short distances quickly, Phase Run for longer distances.

For survivability:
Level 1 Immortal Call/Level 1 Cast when Damage Taken/Increased Duration/Detonate Mines
The Detonate Mines here is just so you’ll get the occasional detonate when you get stunned and can't detonate on your own. It's saved my ass more than I expected it to.

For laziness/utility:
Detonate Mines/Spell Totem and Vaal Blight/Increased Duration in the same item, but not linked together.
Detonate Totem is for when you just want to sit on your ass and drop mines without detonating them manually. Vaal Blight is for making bosses die faster and move slower.

Elder-Killing Gear

The bow and Dying Sun are really, really nice and really, really unnecessary if you’re a better player – I had a few close calls with just a +3 bow and a second quicksilver that I would have won if I had some more practice.

Improvements and Investment
"But Theros," I hear the cries in the distance, "what if I want to spend unholy truckloads of cash? What if I want to see this build go as far as it can?”

Well let's talk about that. The first and most obvious upgrade would be to get the most godly 6L bow in existence, with +3 levels, VP support, +levels to dex and str gems, a +4 empower to replace Void Manipulation, and then… I dunno, attack speed? That’s already a pretty tall order, but if you can afford any of those combined they’ll juice the build’s damage up even more.

Oh, and there's enchants. If you can get a Toxic Rain damage or additional shot enchant on your Curtain Call, first off I’m phenomenally jealous and will liquidate half my organs to buy it from you. But if you really want to keep it instead, it’ll do a good job of powering this build up by a fair margin. Otherwise, enchants are pretty much worthless – some minor enchants for the utility setups can be nice, but they don’t do very much overall so it’s not worth spending on them.

There’s also always room for improvements on gear as well; if I could squeeze out just a little more DEX, INT, and resistance on my gear, I’d have the tree look something like this instead, but alas, I blew too much of my money practicing Uber Elder, so I can’t.

For the HC folks, you'll want to modify the tree to have more life at the very least, pushing the endgame tree into something like what I showed in the previous paragraph – you’ll also have a much higher bar for what sort of gear will and will not work, since you’ll want more life overall. I haven't tested it, and I'm not sure if it'll handle uber as well as its SC counterpart, but it's got substantially more survivability built in in exchange for pushing much of the attribute requirements onto the rest of your gear.

And of course, I am merely human, so there's a pretty good chance I forgot something. If there's anything more you want to know about the build, feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer.
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Hey man, starting this now! Thanks for posting.
What would be the best way to go about levelling this guy? i never use spells or mines much
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Completed 16 ChallengesBlondeath wrote:
Hey man, starting this now! Thanks for posting.
What would be the best way to go about levelling this guy? i never use spells or mines much

Well, if you can afford gear to level with, I'd pick up a Silverbranch, Tabula, Death's Harp, and Death's Opus along with the required Curtain Call, Astramentis, and Cyclopean Coil.

Use Silverbranch with Caustic Arrow up to level 12 with like... Void Manipulation? There's not many good supports for that early.

At 12, throw Toxic Rain with Remote Mine and Minefield into your Silverbranch. Use that until 31, where you can swap to Death's Harp + Tabula; at that point you should also have access to a bunch of support gems that are good for Toxic Rain's DoT to go along with it + Remote Mine + Minefield in the Tabula, and Harp's +1 arrow gives you a pretty nice overall coverage and damage boost.

At 20, put on Astramentis and Curtain Call. The build might feel a bit slower at first, but you'll get used to it, and it'll pick up much faster as you go on.

Swap Harp for Opus at whatever level that comes in. Drop Minefield for a different damage support when you have enough INT or DEX to get an extra mine from Curtain Call - when I leveled this build, this happened in the mid-level 40s, but I was heavily prioritizing attribute gear so for you it might not hit until the mid-50s or even after Cyclopean Coil. Speaking of, put Cyclopean Coil on at level 68; and then this setup should carry you through earlier maps as well as up to Merciless Lab.

Use those earlier maps to farm up currency to buy a 6L bow with at least an itemlevel of 64, then abuse fossilcrafting to turn it into a +3 6L bow. Then use that to farm up more currency for a +1 arrow quiver - there are some fossilcrafting methods to try and get those, but they're not as reliable as the +3 method in my experience. From this point on, you can probably handle Shaper with little issue, and put in a solid attempt at Uber Elder.

As for the tree, go for Clever Construction, then Volatile Mines, then Mind over Matter, then hang out in the DEX area until you have 500 of that, then hang out some more in the INT area until you have 500 of that, then fill in damage or life or whatever else you're missing.
That is perfect, i did see your gear to buy but wasn't sure of the levelling type.
Thanks for the breakdown!
Yaaaaaay another glorious guide from Theros!
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