[3.4] Stupidsmile Ultimate Primordial Golem (Wild, Nasty & Deadly Million of dps)

The build am going to introduce to u guys is the one that base on The Primordial Chain unique amulet combine with several primordial jewels and few crafted rare jewel. Our main golem would be stone golem supported by elemental golem.

I know there are far more better golem out there. The reason as of why i decide to settle down with stone golem is:

☼ Highest life golem compare to other (less penalty by the amulet)
☼ Attack that will aggro the enemy (we can't have other minion to protect us)
☼ Melee (make use of our high movement speed)
☼ Physical (easy to scale damage + no need penetration)
☼ Chaos (damage ignore enemy armor)
☼ Able to hindered and maim ( stack and really good in slowing down bosses)
☼ Always go ahead (which is good)

This are some of the problem that u may face when using stone golem:

☼ Melee golem usually will receive a whole lot of damage hit from bosses. With the Primordial Chain amulet, they are most likely to die before they could even regenerate or leech back missing life.

☼ Even thought stone golem doesnt need penetration gem like elemental golem, they however, require accuracy in order to hit. Or else they will miss a lot of attack, making em less effective against bosses.

☼ Stone golem aoe are kinda small. They usually attack front enemy until they die and then they will proceed with the enemy in the middle. Makes clearing a bit slower.

So whats the pro and con:
💥💨 10k - 12k ES
💥💨 1500 - 2500 ES regen
💥💨 9 golem
💥💨 Fast movement speed
💥💨 Shock immune
💥💨 Ignite immune
💥💨 Chill immune
💥💨 Freeze immune

💥💨 Expensive (Best play in 3.4 Permanent League)

Just so u know, this build is based on my gear. The idea of the build is to create a unique gameplay style separate from the common one being used by the player nowdays. That way, the player will have an idea on what kinda build they going to make base on their remaining gear. So stop copy, complaint and be creative.


Path Of Building



Gear, Jewel & Flask

Gear & Gem




Curse, Bandit, & Pantheon

Lv12 Vulnerability or Temporal Chain on hit would be nice

Kill em all

Soul Of Arakaali (Regen Rate)
Soul Of Tukohama (Regen)


T16 Elder Pen (previous gear no accuracy) https://youtu.be/3k1mbIkQ3xk
T16 Phoenix (previous gear no accuracy) https://youtu.be/wfbKS16_h2Q
T16 Chimera (previous gear no accuracy) https://youtu.be/LKWQxKjIDHs
T16 Hydra (previous gear no accuracy) https://youtu.be/l_R-s6j1xU0
T16 Uber Atziri (previous gear no accuracy) https://youtu.be/pHejHBMc9oA

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