Sunder Burn Fire Chief

This is a dual wield Chieftain physical to fire conversion sunder build. Sunder is fun and very effective skill and this build can do most content in the game. We turn our physical damage to 100% fire and ignite enemies. With leap slam and sunder multistrike this build is a fast clearer.

My incursion items with gems and links plus a few nice enchants. With this gear and passive tree I am at 6.5k life.

Skill tree level 92: Went for lots of life, endurance charges and fire penetration. A main keystone is Elemental overload. I used Resolute Technique while leveling and removed it to get overload when i got enough accuracy on my gear and on the tree. Also important node is Avatar of fire to turn your damage to all fire. Also took Whispers of Doom for another curse.

Skill tree link below:

Ascendency order:

1. Ngamahus Flame Advance
2. Tawoa Forest Strength
3. Ramako's suns Light
4. Hinekora death fury

Bandit reward: Kill all for 2 points

Here are my jewels, 4 spots on the tree. I like max life , a resist , and physical damage.

Auras: I run Herald of Ash which is amazing for this build and Hatred.

I have an Orb of storms curse on hit set with flammability and temp chains or enfeeble. Orb of storms will proc Elemental overload for 49 more damage.

Leap slam linked with faster attacks and Fortify is great for getting around and getting fortify which is a great defence, dont forget to fortify on tough bosses.

With all the buffs up we can do 20-30k burn damage and temporal chains can make them burn longer. Igniting our enemies and giving them -19 fire resists is great with the new combustion support gem.

Also withe Chieftain ascendency killing burning monsters gives us Endurance charges. Herald of Ash helps with this also. Chieftain also has alot of increased endurance charge duration so keep them up at a boss fight with Enduring Cry skill.

I was lucky and found a nice axe! You can use the unique axe Soul Taker as your main attack weapon (right hand), and maybe add an arctic armour or a herald of ice.

Your offhand weapon I use what is know as a stat stick. For this build you want Gain physical damage as fire damage and try to get elemental penatration. Its doesnt have to be a sword i have a nice sceptre also. Swords can get global accuracy which is helpful to the build.

Starkonja helmet is great for increased Dexterity, attack speed and life. I good rare helmet can work as well.

enjoy! I will add more pantheon etc.. soon.
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Mana reserve post.
Awesome Idea! Can you post a quick gameplay of your building working on maps?

Sorry I dont know how to do videos, dont have many good maps in incursion either.hehe

Build looks great with celestial Herald of Fire exploding everywhere.

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