Can Shaper affixes receive higher values for two-handed melee weapons than one-handed?

Currently the various value ranges for the "The Shaper's" and "of Shaping" affixes are the same for both two-handed and one-handed melee weapons.

(Specifically the "Gain #% of Physical Damage as Extra X Damage" and "Damage Penetrates #% Elemental Resistances" affixes)

With identical affixes, using a pair of one-handed melee weapons will provide twice the benefit that a single two-handed weapon will.

With such a greater benefit, two-handed Shaper melee weapons seem to be unreasonably weaker than one-handed Shaper melee weapons.
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ggg doesnt like 2hand weapons thats one of the reasons why Thrusting One Hand Swords (the crit ones with most dmg potecial) have 12 weapon range and 2hand swords only 11 weapon range

edit: 12 base weapon range is the highest in the game higher than all the 2hand weapons not just swords
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Barring a few specific builds, 2h melee is crap right now compared to dual wielding and stat sticking. Same can be said for 1h melee and shield (again, barring a few builds). They really need to address this, because the level of imbalance in very basic gearing choices is choking the game.

Allowing the same shaper/elder affixes for both 1h and 2h weapons wasn't the cause of this problem, but it's something I'm really surprised they didn't think about. Shaper/elder stuff really needed to be thought over more carefully before being released imo. It's a great example of massive (and clumsy) powercreep.
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This isn't the only problem with 2h builds currently, but stat sticks are a significant contributor to DW and pseudo-DW being superior to 2h for both damage and defense.

I recall GGG saying they'd be looking at the "damage added as" mods and nerfing them since stacking them does result in too high of damage. They also said they'd be looking at how the DW bonuses of 10% more attack speed and 10% more physical damage would be applying to attacks that would only work with one of a given setup's weapons. Blade Flurry with sword in main hand and sceptre in the other for example.

If I find that thread or announcement or whatever it was I'll post a link to it.

What I'd be inclined to do is nerf the 1-handed shaper and elder mods and either leave the 2h ones as-is or buff them a little since the opportunity cost is much greater.

And even then I expect 2h will still need more significant buffs to feel good. I'm wondering how soon we'll be seeing damage effectiveness boosts for 2h weapons that multiply stuff like added flat damage.

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