Character kinda squishy

I'm currently playing with a trapper build, but it seems a bit squishy.
Being a fairly noob player, I'd appreciate if someone would point me in the right direction as to make it a bit more tanky.
Here's the link to my characters tab, the character's name is EBILAUTRAPPER. I know I should link fortify to my shield charge skill. I'm currently working on that(hard to get the right colors on my sockets), but I don't know what more I should do in that direction.
Can someone give me some pointers?
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A few things I noticed on a glance:

- Tabula: Switch to a nice 5L chest with Life.
- Essence worm: Use Unset ring with life or something similar
- Get "Born in the Shadows" Ascendancy node ASAP. Maybe even spec out of chain reaction, the blind is incredibly strong defensively. Otherwise, use Blasphemy + Temporal Chains and drop Wrath until you have better gear.
- 20% Quality all your flasks
- Get a shield with life
- Try to get at least some chaos res, as the chaos-spitting creature-things in incursions are quite rippy.

Then, if you still have problems and under 5k life, remove damage nodes in your tree and get lifenodes instead until you reach 5k. That's the absolute minimum for mapping comfortably. More is better of course.

Basically, in short: Drop damage, get life instead. Can't deal damage while dead ;)

EDIT: Also, buy Atziri's Step boots. The spell dodge and evasion will help you a lot.
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Essence worm is used with MoM but you´re reserving too much mana.

You need 1/3 of your life as unreserved mana (in fact a bit more bcos of mana spent etc).

- Drop herald

- get 5/6 link evasion based body with life/res

* small tip: you can buy corrupted 6 link for cheap with colours you need.

- Some chaos resist would help you in incursions/temple

Try Siphoning Trap and/or Bear trap that can slow enemies down and offer some extra buffs.

You need to kill everything fast enough anyway:)
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Thanks for the tips guys. Really appreciate it :D

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