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Not the best build but a fun build


+ Introduction
+ Overview: Pros and Cons
+ Skill tree and Explanations
+ DPS and Defences (Screenshots)
+ Gear and Explanations
+ Skill Gems and Explanations
+ Levelling Walkthrough
+ Other significant matters


This is my first time playing Path of Exile and coming up with a build I'm excited about. I was inspired...

And this is the only character that I made it through Act 10.

My experience before this was:

- DIE to frozen
- DIE to stun
- DIE to projectiles, especially at Act 3's Tentacle Miscreation
- DIE non-stop to fire totems at Act 6
- DIE instantly to bosses
- Enter portal and DIE to bosses instantly
- Enter portal and DIE to bosses instantly again




Don't need any unique items to survive. I ran it entirely with the items I farmed throughtout, except for the Tabula Rasa for it's convenient 6 link and a junk glove with 3-red socket glove, just so I can finally run CWDT-Immortal Call-Increased Duration.


It's so fascinating. Elemental resistances in monster's description will change so frequently to the point that it doesn't show sometimes. You may wonder if Elemental Equilibrium is still working.


- May not have the best DPS

No damage nodes are taken in the Passive Tree

- Passives focused entirely on Life, Mana and Energy Shield

Been traumatised too much by my past experiences with dying non-stop



Because I couldn't decide which class to play


Ascendancy Points: Juggernaut

I took Juggernaut because I was sick of dying to being chilled and frozen and stuns, which very reliably killed me all the time.
So, Goodbye to perma-stuns and slow

What's better: You can gain more Endurance Charges for longer Immortal Call Duration

Bandits: Alira (Kill all preferred)

I took Alira because of the mana regenaration it provided. But with Clarity almost 20 and all mana nodes I took, the mana regenaration granted by Alira wasn't really worth it.


There isn't really a fix path you must follow but this is generally what I did

+ Take Mana nodes

In order to sustain Incinerate for its high mana consumption

Take MOM (Mind over Matter) because it saves me countless times from heavy hitters and the traumatizing one-hitters

+ Take Life nodes

Mainly next to Scion's starting path

+++ Take Elemental Equilibrium (Jist of the build)

Once Incinerate-CWDT-Glacial Cascade becomes sustainable with Clarity. It's just so fascinating seeing the description on monster change every second

+ Take Energy Shield node

So I hope I can finally kiss Instant Death goodbye

+ Take Resistances
If Item mods and Bismuth Flask isn't enough to keep you alive

+ Take a few Block Chances
In the Scion starting path and along the way in Witch path


I don't use any Jewels so you are free to use any if you think it helps


Not for benchmarking
(Open to suggestions and tips for improvement since I haven't played POE for long.)








Any wands you can find. But make sure it doesn't directly add Fire or Ice Damage to Spells. Otherwise, Elemental Equilibrium will make the main skills less effective


Any shields will do. Better to have, and I'm currently still looking for,
+ Life
+ Energy Shield
+ Resistances

I used to wear this Plank Kite Shield Unique because of it's high regeneration, along with the Sulphur Flash Unique to provide noticible recovery of Energy Shield during fights.

Helm and Rings

I chanced upon these uniques while I was farming so I used them. They work well with each other by boosting my elemental damage with more curses I cast. Refer to my Skill gems link below.

Any good rings which add Life or Energy Shield.


I got it after so long. I'm just gonna keep using it until I chance upon a 6-link ES.


I bought this but the seller gave it to me for free. I just wanted the 3-link red sockets so I can finally run Immortal Call-CWDT-Increased Duration.


Just another relatively similar level equipment.


Anything with Life and Energy Shield is good. This happens to boost my damage as well.


The more life the better.


Main DPS Setup

Bare Minimum:

+ With more levels in CWC, more Glacial Cascade will be casted. This makes the elemental weakness of monsters to change more frequently. The more frequent rotation of Fire and Ice damage will benefit hugely from Element Equilibrium

CWDT Setup

This is very helpful in keeping you alive and it works well when Juggernaut Ascendancy is taken. The generation of Endurance charges will increase the duration of Immortal Call, together with the Increased Duration Gem.

Curse Setup

2 curses are used to improve damage and survivability. Made only possible with the Unique Doedre's Scorn and Doedre's Damning

Mobility Setup

Aura Setup

Clarity is important to sustain Incinerate in the early levels of the game. It also assist MOM for survivability. Discipline for more ES so I can tank even more.


I picked Chaos Golem to help with damage reduction and make surviving a little bit more managable


Early levels (Act 1 to 5):
+ Train using Molten Strike with the best (Rare) Two-handed Sword you can get
+ Recommended 2 Quicksilver flask for rushing through maps. Use Orb of Transmutation to get Immunity to Freeze
+ Use any uniques to boost your damage and speed up your levelling. I manage to farm these items for my levelling

Later levels (Act 5 to 10):
+ Around now, you should have at least a 4 linked equipment for CWC-Glacial Cascade-Incinerate.
+Get a Tabula Rasa if it's convenient. I got it at 10 Chaos
+ Run Bismuth Flask to cap all Elemental Resistances at 75%. Otherwise, you may still die quickly at Act 6 to Fire Damage. Even yet so, you may still die so be careful.

Act 10 and beyond:
+ I haven't really made it very far into the game or tried crafting my own items


- Simple Problem: Can't keep holding Incinerate in the future

- There are indications by the Development Team that Elemental Equilibrium may be changed

- Upcoming changes to Incinerate may reduce the overall DPS of Incinerate-Glacial Cascade combo

The new Incinerate will require you to stop channelling Incinerate after hitting its max stages to result in an explosion with higher damage. This coupled along with a slight delay before CWC activates Glacial Cascade means there is less Glacial Cascade.


Credits Template: MoarPizza
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