[3.2] Dual Wield Crit Sunder Champion

General Information

What is this build?
ez melee crit build without having to worry about accuracy because champion op. You could probably use any melee skill but I chose sunder because it has good range, good clear, and I don't like using different skills for clearing and boss killing.

Why Champion?
Mostly for Conqueror (100% chance to taunt on hit) and Worthy Foe (100% chance to hit, 20% more damage) because with those I never have to worry about accuracy. Adrenaline is also nice anti-bleed and boss dps.

Why Crit?
If you're going champion and getting Worthy Foe why wouldn't you go crit? Also because more damage.

-No switching skills for clearing and bossing
-Easy mapping with sunder
-Freeze/shatter most mobs
-Can level and map as regular non-crit sunder until you're ready to transition to crit
-Can scale to 3m+ shaper dps (including flasks and realistic buffs)

-Not much life taken on tree, so only around 5k life unless you invest more than I did.
-No stun immunity if fortify isn't up
-I'm tired of sunder
-Tbh I'd probably be 95 by now if I didn't try to get some of the videos for this post

Video examples of dps

If you just want to jump straight to the damage you can probably skip halfway through most of the videos.
Also I'm pretty sure I forgot to swap my anti curse flask out for lion's roar in most of these.





Main hand
You want a siege axe preferably with 300+ dps with crit on it or available to be crafted

Stat stick
When first starting a 3-green prismatic eclipse is a good choice. It boosts your attack speed a lot and provides a good amount of damage.

Once you have enough attack speed and want more damage though you should look for a shaper stat stick. The best choice imo is a +35% crit multi rapier.

Power charge generation for bosses
You can use this in your weapon swap with a warcry if you want power charges for things like shaper


You should aim to get a helmet with 15% more sunder attack speed.

I chose to go with starkonja's for the crit, life, and attack speed

However if you're lacking resists you can use a rare helmet to fill those out.
Rat's nest could also be a choice, though it lacks life.
If you want even more damage (??? why) use abyssus and sit at 0% exp till you get tired of dying.

Body Armor
Your main goal should be a belly of the beast for the life and resists it provides.

If you want to drop some life for more damage though you can try for an elder chest with crit.

Another good option with less hp but more possible dps would be loreweave. It also increases your max resistances and makes it easier to get the int needed.

I chose maligaro's virtuosity for the crit and crit multi

You could also go for tombfists with good abyss jewels or a nice pair of rare gloves if you want more life/resists.

For starters just look for a belt with as much life and resist as you can get

Once you have money to spare you'll want to upgrade to a stygian vise with a good jewel

Here you want as much life and resists as possible. Move speed isn't very important.


For rings you're looking to get as much life and resists as possible.
If you're able to fill out all your resists with only one ring you can get another shaper ring with assassin's mark curse on hit for power charge generation while clearing.

There's very little difference between level 8 and 12 curse on hit so I don't think it matters which you get.

For your amulet you'll most likely need a lapis to help get all the int you need. You should also aim to get crit, crit multi, and life.


Life Flask
I currently use blood of the karui because I rely on adrenaline/the flask to deal with bleed.

If you don't trust adrenaline or want to be safer you can use a normal life flask of staunching.

Damage Flask
Lion's roar is very good, though the knockback can be annoying while mapping if you don't have enough damage. Or it can be helpful by keeping mobs away from you if you want to look at it that way.

Damage Flask #2
Gives leech (not really needed), chaos resist and chaos damage. Yay.

Damage Flask #3
This one isn't necessary though it is very nice to have. Gives you 30% of your physical damage as more chaos damage and creates a smoke cloud that blinds enemies. Good for damage and survivability.

Diamond Flask
You're crit, you need one. Chemist's or Ample, your choice. I prefer freeze immunity on this flask as I almost always have it up.

Second Utility Flask
For mapping, if you have all three damage flasks, I'd recommend dropping one for another utility flask with curse immunity. This is a very nice QOL and allows you to do maps with annoying mods (temp chains or ele weakness) easily. What kind of flask to use is up to you, though a basalt flask is never a bad idea.


Attack speed and crit multi for more damage.
Life too if you want for more survivability.

For damage (for my char at least) it seems stat priority is:
Crit multi > attack speed > phys damage

Though getting attack speed on every jewel is quite nice as it speeds up your sunder and leap slam.


6 link main skill
Here you want to put sunder.

Your 6th link depends.
If you have enough damage on a 5 link I'd suggest going with bloodlust because for bosses you can get your warchief to apply the bleed.
If you want more damage while mapping and don't want to have to rely on your warchief for applying bleed to bosses go with ruthless.
You could also swap between the two gems if you want, but I'm too lazy for that.

4 link warchief

Chance to bleed gives your warchief a 50% chance to bleed on hit. Faster attacks for more hits per second. Conc effect just for the damage.
Even on just a 4 link your warchief can do a lot of damage.

4 link movement skill

Leap slam feels by far the best imo. Blood magic so you aren't constantly out of mana.
You could also use whirling blades, though I don't think it's as reliable.

Other gem setups

Blasphemy, blood magic, and any curse works very well to quickly activate adrenaline if you spec into it. Alternatively you could just use righteous fire, though that is slower.

More damage. Enlighten is a luxury purely to have more mana available and isn't needed.
If you want to drop any of these I'd drop HoA, hatred is useful for freezing mobs, HoA is just for that tiny bit of extra damage.

Blood rage and your choice of golem. You can throw them in wherever you have space.

My Current Gear

Passive Tree and bandits

Imo you should help Alira, more crit multi, and less resistances to worry about.

Here is the level 90 basic passive tree

Pastebin link for PoB for same tree and basic gear

Here's my current passive tree at 92
I got enough int from my gear to drop versatility.

Pastebin link for PoB for my current tree and gear


Use what you need when you need it.

My current choices:
Major: Soul of the Brine King to help with stuns when I don't have fortify up
Minor: Soul of Ralakesh to help avoid/deal with bleed.


For levels 1-12 you could use molten strike with ancestral call, plus whatever other damage links you can fit in.

Once you get to 12 it's sunder all the way to endgame.
Equip the main gems as soon as you get them if possible.
While leveling faster attacks and added fire gem are useful.

When you reach 38 and get multistrike it can feel clunky and slow and lock you in place until you have enough attack speed. If you thin that's a problem or it gets you killed you can hold off on it until you get more attack speed.

Use the vendor recipe for an axe with increased physical damage as you level.
For it you need:
1 blacksmith's whetstone
1 axe (preferably a high attack speed base)
1 magic or rare rustic sash
Magic gives 40-49% increased physical damage.
Rare gives 50-69%.

You want to sell all three together to an NPC to get back a magic axe with increased physical damage.
Throw an orb of augmentation on there if you have an extra to possibly get more damage.

Good twink gear

Dual wielding the screaming eagle is nice for the movement speed they give.
At level 10 you can get the princess as an offhand for extra damage.

Once your damage starts getting low with the screaming eagle you'll want to use the vendor recipe to get a better axe.

You could also use a brightbeak for a bit until you get an axe with more dps.

Tabula rasa
Lochtonial Caress

Rings and amulet
Karui ward for the movespeed

Elreon rings/amulet are extremely nice to have if you're using a tabula

Thief's torment when you get to 30.

tbh I usually go with goldrim, tabula, wanderlust, thief's torment till I'm reaching maps.

Leveling trees

For champion ascendancy points I would go Conqueror into Worthy Foe first.
This allows you to remove resolute technique and start putting points into crit without them being wasted.

Those are the only two required points to take, the rest are up to you. I went for Unstoppable Hero for more damage and First to Strike, Last to Fall for even more damage.
Unstoppable hero also provides armor, evasion, and stun immunity while you have fortify.
First to Strike, Last to fall is my only real defense against bleeding as it removes it when you get to low life (35%).

Level 30
I get art of the gladiator then path over to resolute technique.

Level 60
Pick up either damage or life first as needed.

Hey, is this hardcore viable?

Sure, why not.
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Very nice bro, thx.
You think spec into crit and drop RT after cruel lab its ok?
Yeah, as soon as you get worthy foe you can drop RT and start investing into crit.

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