We've just introduced the Fallen Angel Wings that will perfectly complete the recently released Fallen Angel Armour Set. If you're interested to see how will they look together, check out the video below or click here to get the new wings now.

This weekend we're holding a Super Stash Sale where we're discounting all Stash Tabs. Everything has been discounted, including the new Fragment Tab, Map Tab, Premium Stash Tab Bundles, Premium Quad Stash Tab, Essence Tab, Divination Tab, Currency Tab and Guild Stash Tabs! Click here to view the full selection of discounted stash tabs.

The sale runs all weekend and ends at May 01, 2018 12:00 AM (this is displayed in your local time).

If you're looking for some points to spend, please consider checking out the Bestiary Supporter Packs and War for the Atlas Supporter Packs! If you have any spare points left over, you might be interested in purchasing the Bestiary Brimmed Hat that is only available during the Bestiary League or the Sin and Innocence Mystery Box.

Thank you for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
and 1st page hype!xD wait, im 1st! woooah!
Last edited by canilaz_ on Apr 27, 2018, 10:57:00 AM
Kinda meh compared to some of the other insane back attachments
Set looks amazing!
IGN: StriderX (Delve)
how can i fall if i cant be caught slippin
trolled Fox News in an interview... wound up famous. thx for the virility humans!
"...I'm one of the heroes." lol
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The wings really complement the set well. gg GGG.
Is it me or did they change up the physics a bit where the wings have a bit more play and flap up when the char is running?

Looks really good for some reason - compared to other wings.
✰CARD✰ The Survivalist
Still. No. Clockwork. Golem. -_-
looks cool but its movement looks like paper wing, not as soft and light as gloom wing and some others. i'll pass this one

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