The T-shirt Design Competition concluded last week. As always, we've received so many good submissions from our players that it's been really hard to choose the winners. Today we're happy to announce our favourite T-shirt designs!

These selections were based on the following criteria: how clearly they represent Path of Exile and how well they'll work on a T-shirt in terms of the impression they'll leave and how difficult it would be to print them. While keeping this in mind, we've managed to select the top winner of this competition whose T-shirt design will be created at the very least as a prize for the competition winners and may be possible to release to the wider community at a later date. We are also investigating making our second pick into a T-shirt as well! Of course, we'll archive all these ideas and we may use some others in future.

We want to thank everyone who submitted their design. It is always a pleasure to see how many talented and creative players we have in our community. We'll be contacting the winners from this post over the next few days to arrange your prizes.

Top Three Winners

  • Chaos Orb T-shirt
  • Winning Design T-shirt
  • Path of Exile Comic
  • Armour Set
  • 250 points

Shaper by Artfulx - This shirt will be created for the winners of the competition

Untainted Paradise by darklolita666 - We are investigating whether we can make this shirt

Malachai by DUAxWolff

Top Fifteen Winners

  • Chaos Orb T-shirt
  • Winning Design T-shirt
  • 250 points

Story of Piety by klockquirk

Necromancer by wika26104

T-shirt by Sharps03144

T-shirt by Rav2705

Exiles by QueenNie

Shaper by Nodsam

Breach by Hyrchurn

Justice Will Prevail by Drakartwow

Path of Exile by Skrei

Malachai by Kardalak_IX

Greetings from Wraeclast by Nightstorme

Grind Die Repeat by Tymbochka

Runner Ups

  • 250 points

Occultist by AkiraRomdo

This One is Captured by GabrielNs

Brutus by antonowitch

Choose Your Path by ArcLucid

SeRiouSly Cute by ArturVilela

Harbinger by Damoochie

Innocence by Desfory

The Body by gogunow

T-Shirt by Mouces

T-Shirt by Vokter

Light and Dark Together by Vorard

Elder by ZakkPerish

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Grinding Gear Games
Lots of awesome designs, congratulations to the winners!
ToGather Agein
All Tshirts are amazing!
Would buy all if I had the money but I've already given it all to GGG
Wow. I'd actually pay money for at least 4 or 5 of those. It's a shame they won't be available for purchase. I guess it's not a good business opportunity in their eyes.
That Dominus one is a must buy!
Completed 18 ChallengesSGTSOHO wrote:
ToGather Agein

GitGud, GitNerfed, Repeat.
Wow, good stuff! Always impressed by people's talent... well done, all :)
10/10 Would wear

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