My Drunk Email to GGG about Royale And Pvp in General!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subjuect: Opinion of an Actual PVP player on Royale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is RNG bullshit not PVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why don't you at least start with your characters starting skill?

And why don't you ever do a pvp balance pass on new skills before releasing them?

You know, have 2 members of your elite QA team actually pvp with new skills before releasing them. So you know don't release broken pvp bullshit. Like scorching ray, blight, and Volatile Dead etc.

I still haven't forgiven you yet for the Crimson Dance bullshit 2 leagues ago Two QA testers going to Sarn arena, and that wouldn't have happened. And now Royale. Maybe find some people to give 1 day of a week to fixing the actual real PVP you abandoned, after I fell in love with it?

If anyone there actually wants to discuss PVP with the people that play it let me know. I don't want to be the next GreenDude, I just want to fkn duel.

I am Defiantly not in the mood to buy MORE supporter packs at the moment.

Please Delete Royale.

The God_of_Thieves has spoken!!!!!!!

Yours Truly and Always


God_of_Thieves_LLD_pvp__I hate the Labyrinth

It's ARPG pvp of course you need Gearz, If you think that's all it takes meet me in Sarn. I an The_God_of_Thieves.
Last bumped on Apr 2, 2018 3:18:38 AM

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