3.2 Deadeye barrage attack speed shenanigans build


This is in no way a well made or viable build; I just wanted to see the meme numbers with mass amounts of attack speed and projectile count with the new Deadeye ascendancy.



At lvl 100, fully buffed, NO sextant mods and NO aura-bot.

the pure attack speed version with legacy barrage enchant and some +1 arrow corruptions hit a max of 16 projectiles per attack with 32.47 attacks per second.
= 519.52 projectiles per second = 31,171.2 projectiles per minute = 1,870,272 projectile per hour

The mass projectiles per attack version with legacy +2 enchant, corrupted legacy +5 Reach of the council, and 3 volley fire jewels can get you to 32 total projectile per attack with 15.53 attacks per second.
= 496.96 projectiles per second = 29,817.6 projectiles per minute = 1,789,056 projectile per hour

if you go between the two and use the barrage jewels without the legacy reach you can get 28 projectile per attack with 30.85 attacks per second
= 863.8 projectiles per second = 51,828 projectile per minute = 3,109,680 projectiles per hour

if you optimize the tree you might get one more jewel in but this seems fine as it is.

Last bumped on May 14, 2018, 11:05:59 PM
If you go with molten strike instead of barrage and use varunastra swords or ngamahu's axe and go multistrike + ancestral call that would be some big numbers as well

Vaal Pact/legacy Acuity equivalent on non bleed-immune bosses c/d?
I'm a bit confused. How many projectiles per day would this be?

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