left click bind skill not working

i bound my shield charge to left click. when i left click, my character just walks to the location instead of using shield charge. this is very annoying since it barely uses any mana and is way faster to move around, but i cant use it unless i bind to another key (i've checked. im able to use it with other keys)
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The left click button is "special" in that if you click on the ground, your character will attempt to walk there instead of using the skill. This way it works in the expected way when bound to standard attack, which is the default binding.

To actually use a skill bound to the LMB, you need to either target an enemy, or hold Shift to use the skill from where you stand.
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The Witch is now consistent throughout the game. This is worth keeping in mind.
oki. thanks, boss. helped a lot. im gonna use it with shift now
I don't know if it helps at all but I use space bar for attack in place instead of shift. I find with my hand position on the keyboard it is easier to hit.

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Space is for instant life bleed flask, everyone knows that
Believe it or not not everyone thinks the same way.


I'll take "Swords" for two hundred Alex.
-Faux Sean Connery

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