[3.6] Crit Tectonic Slam / Molten Strike Oni-Goroshi Jugg - Clear maps and bosses FAST! (Videos)


This build revolves around the new unique sword Oni-Goroshi. The sword is the only mandatory item but other than that you can use budget gear or scale into millions of DPS with a bit of investment. You can get the sword by either buying it or by farming it. The sword is always 6 linked, has over 700 DPS at level 90, and you can start using it at level 1. If you want to know more about it click here.

3.2 has added Tectonic Slam and buffed Jugg!

This skill synergises perfectly with this build because of the built in conversion and the fact that it has the same skill tags as Molten Strike (other than projectile damage). The new Juggernaut changes makes it so we pretty much always have endurance charges to expend. I don't think any of the tree or support gems have to be changed at all but I will update if necessary as soon as we learn more about the skill.
EDIT: If you're using Tectonic Strike, use Increased Critical Damage or Combustion instead of Ancestral Call.

Juggernaut got MORE damage and MORE tanky. Nothing bad happened.

3.5 has buffed Tectonic Slam!

More AOE and damage. Like a lot of AOE.


Wildfire Jewels - absolutely mandatory and super cheap. You can get one from one of the Act 5 quests.

Oskarm - these gloves are amazing for this build, and Juggernauts in general. These gloves make it possible to get to 40% critical strike chance before Power Charges, Diamond Flask, and the base critical strike chance from Assassin's Mark. Heavily recommended.

Kaom's Heart - do I really have to explain this? Ton of base life and fire damage. If you can afford it, use it. If not, it should be the first big item you should aim for.

Xoph's Blood - pretty expensive and not absolutely necessary, but a huge damage boost. A nice rare amulet with a mix of offensive and defensive stats is still fine.

Darkness Enthroned - best in slot belt if you don't need resistances from a rare belt. The jewels I have in it are the best three mod jewels to use in my opinion. If you need a bit of resistances you can replace one of the suffixes on each of the jewels with 10% all resistances - giving a total of 30% all resistances when socketed into the belt.
EDIT: With all the new crafting available like fossils and the new master crafting, a good rare can be much better.

Watcher's Eye - try to get one of these with "physical damage converted to fire when using Anger" if you can't get your hands on a Xoph's Blood. If you have a Xoph's Blood then get one with fire penetration or extra physical damage as fire.

Obscurantis - really good helmet if you don't need the resistances and have a lot of accuracy. Hard/expensive to get a Molten Strike enchant on, though.

Helmet: Molten Strike Projectiles enchantment, 70+ life, 200+ accuracy, resistances (30+ STR if you don't need the resistances).

Boots: Attack speed if you have killed recently or life and mana regeneration if you have been hit recently enchantment, 70+ life, resistances. (Movement speed not necessary for Whirling Blades but you can get it if you want. 30+ STR if you don't need the resistances).

Gloves: (I really recommend using Oskarm!) 70+ life, 200+ accuracy, flat physical damage to attacks, attack speed, resistances. (30+ STR if you don't need the resistances).

Rings: Diamond Rings, 60+ life, 200+ accuracy, flat physical damage to attacks, 20+ elemental damage with attack skills/fire damage, resistances.

Amulet: 60+ life, 200+ accuracy, flat physical damage to attacks, 20+ elemental damage with attack skills/fire damage, critical strike chance and multiplier, resistances.

Belt: (I really recommend using Darkness Enthroned!) 80+ life, 30+ elemental damage with attack skills, resistances, 30+ STR.

Body Armour: 100+ life, resistances, 30+ STR. An Elder chest with base crit would be nice too.

Passive tree for Molten Strike. Passive tree for Tectonic Slam. Use the Molten Strike tree if using both skills. (Disemboweling wheel does not work for Molten Strike projectiles). It's extremely linear - just grab Constitution and Art of the Gladiator before going past Lava Lash towards Point Blank. Finish the Constitution life wheel right away or at level 90+, it's your choice.

Pick Soul of Arakaali and Soul of Shakari with all upgrades for reduced degen and to offset the reduced chaos resistance from Oskarm.

For bandits you can either pick Alira for damage and resistances or kill all of them for more life nodes.

For ascendancy you pick Juggernaut. Ascendancy nodes in order for Molten Strike: Undeniable, Unflinching, and the rest except for Unyielding is up to you. For Tectonic Slam you want: Undeniable, Unflinching, Unyielding, and the rest is up to you.

Chieftain is another good option, but you pretty much have the same tankiness as a Jugg with less damage (accuracy, attack speed, and crit). If you choose Chieftain, here are the ascendancy nodes in order: Ngamahu - Flames Advance, Hinekora - Death's Fury, Tawhoa - Forest's Strength, and Ramako - Sun's Light.


There are other support gems to can use for MS and TS but this is what I prefer. You can use PPAD for MS, or Ruthless, Melee Phys, Endurance Charge on Melee Stun for TS. If you think another gem will work better for you, use it. There's a lot of options.

I use faster attacks for MS because for me it adds two extra attacks per second - and those two extra attacks creates 22 more balls. Without Dying Sun and helm enchant it would still be 14 balls. PoB doesn't take that into consideration.

Use the Increased Critical Damage or Combustion gem instead of Ancestral Call if you are going Tectonic Slam.

Auras and buffs are extremely flexible - it all depends if you want to be more offensive or defensive. Herald of Ash, Blasphemy + Flammability or Projectile Weakness (if you can dual curse), Anger (if using Watcher's Eye), Haste, Purity of Fire, and Arctic Armour.

Increased Critical Damage gem gives more damage than Fire Penetration gem if you have enough INT for it and you have fire penetration from other sources.

If you don't want to use Blood Rage because of the degen, Vaal Haste is a good replacement. Or use both.

For jewels you want life, attack speed or phys/area/fire damage/projectile damage, and multi.

Ice golem would be better than lightning golem because the accuracy turns into attack speed anyways.

Molten Strike is the boss killer, and Tectonic Slam is nice for clearing - but Molten Strike with Ancestral call is a big buff for clearing with Molten Strike.

Get as much accuracy as possible! It gives chance to hit, attack speed (from ascendancy) and crit (from Oskarm).

Attacking the ground near a boss while you're using Ancestral Call allows you to create projectiles where you're attacking and on the boss.

Use Oni-Goroshi and Molten Strike to level starting from level one. Grab Ancestral Call at level four. That's it. Grab the other support gems as you level. It really is this simple. Use any of your favorite leveling uniques.

If it's the beginning the league and you can't get your hands on an Oni-Goroshi yet, going Chieftain for the time being is a good option (ascendancy points in the ascendancy section of the guide). Grab Resolute Technique, skip all the crit and accuracy nodes for now, and grab two handed axe nodes instead of one handed nodes (like taking the Butchery skill tree path instead of the Strong Arm one). You should also switch out Blade Master for Slaughter. Get rid of Fatal Blade and Brutal Blade for now and grab Destroyer. With these nodes you can use popular unique leveling items like Wideswing, Kaom's Primacy and Hezmana's Bloodlust. Switch the axe nodes to mace nodes if you want to use Marohi Erqi. Here is a tree, just copy paste it into Path of Building.

3.1 Shaper Kill. Died at the end because I messed up, got cocky and thought I could kill him before he killed me.

3.2 Shaper Kill. GGG "fixed" the auto-in-place trick so I kept walking into Shaper Beams and Vortexes. Deathless, though.

T15 with double Beyond, 60% less recovery, 90% elemental resistances, and 90% extra as fire. Abyssal Depths, too.

Adding more if/when necessary.

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have u considered dropping the berserking cluster and instead grabbing the acuity cluster? Also im no expert but would it be more damage to run inc crit damage instead of fire pen support?

Really interesting build btw I really like it
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Baemaxed wrote:
have u considered dropping the berserking cluster and instead grabbing the acuity cluster? Also im no expert but would it be more damage to run inc crit damage instead of fire pen support?

Really interesting build btw I really like it

I was actually thinking about switching those clusters around a few days ago but I forgot to check if it was worth it. I just checked and it seems like it gives a lot of accuracy and about 1.5% crit while only giving up a tiny amount of attack speed. Thanks!

Inc Crit Damage would be better but I would need to get INT on my gear in order to use it. At the moment everything I use only requires one 30 INT node on the tree. If you want more damage to bosses and don't like doing the trick where you attack the ground a few feet away from the boss so Ancestral Call doubles up on projectiles, you can use a weapon swap with Conc Effect instead of Ancestral Call. I don't like using Conc Effect for clearing because the projectiles don't go far enough.
Hello, what pantheon to choose?
Acr0nus wrote:
Hello, what pantheon to choose?

I think Soul of Arakaali and Soul of Shakari is the best combo.
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bump again cause its good and im having lots of fun with it
Baemaxed wrote:
bump again cause its good and im having lots of fun with it

Really glad you enjoy it!

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