[3.1] 2/3 Curse RF Scorching Ray+Firestorm Low-Life Occultist


Hello guys! Since this is my first guide ever i appreciate all the feedback <3

Why occultist you may ask? It gives tons of ES, +1 curse, % ES regen based on how many monsters you killed recently and exploding monsters for more clearspeed. No other witch ascendany is NEARLY as efficient for RF as occultist.
Now lets hop in!

Deathless Hydra guardian:
Before you ask YES i do play with framerates like this... It hurts
It was a rare map but the only mod that affected the boss was 2 additional projectiles

Shaper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogdxFUotdgg


-High DPS
-All content? Haven't tried Uber atziri yet.
-Tanky (11k+ ES)
-Facetank 90% of bosses
-Good clearspeed
-RF can't be reflected


-Requires you to get used to the playstyle
-Firestorm CAN be reflected so careful when you use it
-Movement is a bit weird when you run through tight packs of mobs but it doesnt hurt.
-Can be expensive! The build might need legacy ES gear to get the most out of it!

Things to keep in mind before proceeding:
- This build's playstyle might seem a bit weird to some people, as you need to know what to facetank- and what not to.
- Like pretty much every other build out there, it has its weaknesses (more on that below).
- Even though it's not that complicated, the guide is not that beginner-friendly, nor the build!
- I'm still grinding uber lab to get the enchant i need (more on that in gear section).

What is the build capable of?
- Farming uber lab without giving a **** about traps thanks to our regen.
- Facetanking all guardians except phoenix (since he reduces our max fire res RF kills us).
- Killing shaper without issues (i failed hilariously,will give it another shot later. Screenshot below lol).
- Running around maps and watching monsters insta-die around you is pretty fun.

What is the build NOT capable of?
- Running maps with -max res/Ele weakness-maybe?/no regen OR life recovery rate
- Phoenix is not doable since he reduces our maximum fire resistance by 1% for every 10% health he loses, this means that at one point we will lose so much fire res that our Righteous fire will drain our own health ON TOP OF phoenix dealing damage to us
- You tell me what you find hard :)

Required/Recommended gear:
REMEMBER-Most of my gear is legacy but its not required! You can get good amounts of ES with current gear too.

Since we are low-life we don't want to get 1-shot by any chaos damage we meet. Shavs is a Must-have. You don't really need it to be 6 link if you just want to run maps or uber lab with RF, but its required if you want to kill anything that is more endgame-ish because you need the life leech.

Another Must-have: It provides us 8% max fire resistance which helps us out-gen RF. Make sure you get a pre-3.1 version because the new one gives us only 5%

Gives us a huge chunk of energy shield while reducing RF's degen by a little. We cannot be stunned, which is HUGE and also a nice chunk of chaos resistance.

Gives us pretty good bonus damage also a little bit of leech too.

Gear i use:

REMEMBER-Most of my gear is legacy but its not required! You can get good amounts of ES with current gear too.
Basically, you want highest ES possible and preferably INT too on every piece of gear.

-A +3 ring provides us 1% bonus max fire res if you put Purity of fire into it. (the 20% ES is legacy and rings like this are very expensive. I bought the unset ring for 15ex
-It is highly recommended to either buy a helmet with reduced purity of fire mana reservation or buy a helm with high ES and grind uber lab until you get the enchant (what i am currently doing).This will allow you to fit in another aura.

-I recommend getting essence of delirium gloves with reasonable ES because they give a huge damage boost for RF.

Skill tree:

Skill Tree at lvl 88: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAABAMBAAYOCfYLYQxfDXwOSBFQEZYSaRV-FxwXLxhWGS4bJRynHNwdFB2qIvQksCaIJ-0o-iqNL280CjbYN2Y3gzwtQYdCekWdRnFJG0mxS65TUlOlVdZWSFcNV8lboFxrX2pk52h0aPJsC20ZcLtxeXpwe9d8Dnzwf8aApILHg1-DzIRIjxqPRo_6kQeSdJMnlKCa4JuhoS-m66cIpyunVayYrY2vbLQMtzC3PriTu_y-isHFw23E9sauxvfK089-0NDUfNfP2CTZE9lb2WHaYt-K4YjoWukC6rrr7uwY7FXviPFs98H31_k3-ej60v5J?accountName=jekoff&characterName=nastyicehoe

Pretty much i went for the most % regen i could get from skill tree and a few nodes to boost damage here and there. Reduced mana reserved and aura effect nodes are a must-have too otherwise you wouldn't be able to fit all the auras you need and reserve that much life.
Remember- The more ES we have the more damage we do with RF so ES is a big priority over damage!
Some of the nodes that give regen also give HP and we dont want that so we just turn it into valuable energy shield with Energy from Within jewels
As for rare jewels we want %ES, Area damage, fire damage (Spell damage works for SR and Firestorm only!).
If you want to run only RF that's fine and you dont need Ghost Reaver since RF does NOT leech anything.
The final skill tree should include the +1 curse next to minion instability and a bit more ES where you can get it.

Path of building pastebin lvl 88 : https://pastebin.com/yZpVkuqs

OR you can just import my character called nastyicehoe.

The path you choose first is up to your preference, i prefer picking Profane bloom and malediction first, because of the clearspeed boost it gives.
On the other hand, Wicked Ward and Vile bastion makes you much tankier. As i said, up to preference.

Skills/Gem links:

Gloves: RF-EF-BD-Increased aoe/conc effect for bosses
Helmet: Enlighten(lvl3)-Vitality-Blasphemy-Flammability
Boots: Enlighten(lvl2)-Discipline-Arctic armour-Blood magic (We want to reserve as much of our life as we can so RF does less damage to us i might keep that enlighten at lvl 2 for that purpose at least for now)
Main hand: CWDT-Ele weakness (Because i still can't fit another blasphemy setup, but when i get a few more levels and higher level enlightens)
Offhand: Summon stone golem (For more regen, of course)

RF-Righteous fire
EF-Elemental focus
BD-Burning damage support
SR-Scorching ray
CWC-Cast while channeling
LL-Life leech support
FP-Fire penetration

Leveling guide

-For me leveling never was something planned or something that i do in a certain way. I just throw in some skill gems that i change over time and rush the acts, anyway i will try to give you the most efficient way to level up this build.

Start off with whatever skill you like until you can use firestorm. Freezing pulse is not a bad choice.
Use lifesprig as your weapon and keep it until you can equip Ashcaller or until you find a rare weapon that has better damage. There aren't many support gems that we can use this early on so tabula is not needed. Just use firestorm + chance to ignite until you reach lvl 18.
At level 18 your skill setup should be firestorm-elemental focus-faster casting. We are dropping chance to ignite, but if you use tabula or dont care about mana consumption just keep it.
Also spell totem-scorching ray-elemental focus will help you a lot with bosses.
Next big thing is level 31. Get yourself a blasphemy + flammability setup.
Level 38- now you get cast while channeling and drop spell totem. Your Scorching ray is now in CWC with firestorm. Current skill setup- Scorching ray-CWC-Firestorm-Elemental focus. If you have a 6l add fire penetration. The last gem can be either controlled destruction or life leech. Life leech will stick when we reach end-game.
Do NOT grab ghost reaver early! Downside of leveling is that we will rely almost entirely on flasks to stay alive. Same for Zealot's oath. Keep using gear that has life and preferably ES too until you grab your shavs and go low life. Then immediately grab zealot's oath.
-When to start using Righteous fire? Well, that's a tough question. The best answer i can give you is whenever you feel like you are sustaining the degen well. This depends on gear, current level, the auras you use, the effectiveness/level of Vitality and Purity of fire and all of those combined together as a whole. They are different for everyone. I can't say for myself because i respec'd into the build after i was level 88.

I will update the thread over time, also feel free to ask any questions/ give suggestions etc.

DISCONTINUED! Follow the guide at your own risk as it's kinda outdated and some stuff might not work as intended.
Good news... I am currently saving up currency to rework the build and i will update the guide as soon as i am done! Have some fresh new ideas for it.
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Stay chill, dont ever panic from the shaper balls like i do... EVER

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Update 1-Added deathless hydra video
Update 2-Added Shaper video (ignore my 0 skill)
Update 3-Added Leveling guide
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waiting for the leveling guide,and thanks for the sharing.
Should this build be able to tank mobs in tier 10 maps? I seem to be having trouble face tanking them at all.
heyyy, pretty neat !
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swiftownerer wrote:
Should this build be able to tank mobs in tier 10 maps? I seem to be having trouble face tanking them at all.

Tier 10 is no match for this build, if done properly!
Your righteous fire will kill them before they get in melee range to hit you.
Ryphe wrote:
heyyy, pretty neat !

Thanks <3
jekoff wrote:
Ryphe wrote:
heyyy, pretty neat !

Thanks <3

keep up the good work, fellow occultist player !!
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