US-ABYS 1v1 Open

This thread is for discussion of this PvP Rating ladder. Note that the ratings are reset each PvP season.

Ratings now degrade. Degradation is applied daily, and is based on the certainty of a character's rating.

To enter this ladder, connect to a US gateway and press "B" to bring up the Events/PvP panel.

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that rank 9 MinersNotMinors has such a cool build.

rank 61 myself :D
Has Blight recieved any pvp scaling? that skill is rediculously op in pvp, 100-0 in less than a second with 75% chaos res(with or without despair on me). And that's just using the gloves, no need to use the actual skill just keep the gloves in your inventory, pop it on and you win vs anyone not CI. There is no Max Chaos Res in the game, nor a way to remove chaos dot like you can with scorching ray. No reason Blight should exist in PVP in the state it's in right now.
There seems to be a bug occuring when you wait for an opponent to join a match for long enough for the match to end. It happened to me and a couple others, what happened is we were stuck waiting for an opponent to join the match, eventually the match ended, and we lost rating even though we technically won the match. Not sure if its something that can be fixed but just thought I'd make it known (if it isn't already) since it happened to a few people.

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