blade vortex inquisitor die too fast/much

Hi there,

I have a blade vortex inquisitor lvl75, it work fine to clear a map quickly and easily.

The problem is that I die too fast and too often against bosses. What's wrong with my build ? How can i optimise it ?

here my character

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The problem is you have 2701 EHP. That's the number of HP you should have when you are level 50. And worst 1000 of that is ES and you don't have Zealot's Oath. So none of that helps against boss's and you'll probably be stuck at 1700 HP with your vaalpact in extended fights, cuz vaalpact doesn't heal ES.

Get more health nodes. Get more maximum life on your gear. You want at least 5000 life.

Worst case you might have to start your entire character over and fix your skill tree from the ground up, because its bad. You don't have enough health to take one/two hits from anything remotely hard.

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you have gear issues.

1) The gloves are attack speed not casting speed. wikki Doedre's tenure
2) wikki heretic's veill place your curses here
3) Try getting rid of increased duration on your cast when damage taken and consider adding phase run. This will allow you to get out of dodge when you need to run.
4) the eye of chayula isn't helpful. There are better non-unique items you can use. Better ways of dealing with stun. Solutions to stun are on the skill tree also. wikki Marylene's fallacy
5) arcane surge on your golem? I do not believe the golem casting its abilities will trigger it. I belive that only casting the golem skill over and over would trigger the surge.
6) wikki mutewind seal, and The pariah. Consider using a flame golem.

Skill Tree:
Ditch energy shield and go mind over matter. This will add unused mana to your life, Ditch your hatred. This will free up your mana so its available for mind over matter. Wikki Essence Worm unset ring. This is another way of dealing with expensive aura's.

Practical application nodes are a good way of dealing with stun. ditch the amulet.

consider using 1 totem. for a single skill socket you can get something that will distract the enemy and maybe give you a helpful buff.

Consider using the : path of builder -very helpful when theory crafting a build.

And the most important-------> Don't give up, and have fun. This game has a mean learning curve, ask for help in global chat, there are a lot of people who would be happy to share what they have learned. Some day you will help someone out and you will smirk *remembering....
Thanks for your advices ! I completly agree for the stuff and i just realise that i completly miss the beginning of the tree.. I completely remove it, the stuff isn't good enough but it's in the meantime finding something else

Now what do you thing ?
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