Templar Inquisitor Lightning Tendrils

I was thinking about trying Lightning Tendrils and i wanted some input on the build I've come up with thus far. I wanted to make a relatively tanky damage dealer that doesn't have many issues with mapping (maybe even shaper viable? if i can ever get there at all.)

I apologize in advance, i don't know how to link items here that i don't own and i don't currently own any of the items in the build, i'm just trying out theory-crafting. None of the items are set in stone and hopefully i can get something that's reasonably viable made.

Build (Path of Building):

Skill Tree:

1630 Life
1091 Energy Shield
7946 Armour

191k Lightning Tendrils DPS
49k Fireball LMP DPS


*In no particular order. 21/20% unless otherwise stated.*
Lightning Tendrils + Spell Echo + lightning Pen + Elemental Focus + Added Lightning Damage + Increased AOE

Fireball + LMP + Added Cold Damage + Pierce + Fire pen + Faster Casting

Elemental Weakness + Blasphemy + Enlighten Lv4 + Herald of Ash

Lightning Warp + Faster Casting + Portal 23%

Summon Flame Golem + Minion Damage + Minion Life + Minion Speed

I'm hoping i can get a bit tankier with it or maybe improve the late-game damage. Not sure what the early-game scaling would be like. This is the first build I've tried to make so please be gentle. Let me know if I should put more info into the post and I will.
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