☄️⚡️❤️WTB Alt Arts/Race rewards, paying well in pure Ex/Mirrors! ❤️⚡️☄️

Hello, looking to pick up a few items to add to my collection! I can pay in pure ex/mirrors, but I also have a lot of GG rares up for trade. Please send me a PM and we can discuss.

My IGN is Lunndril.

Alt arts/race rewards I'm looking for:
- Atziri's Mirror
- Alpha's Howl
- Cloak of Flame
- Saffell's Frame
- Reaper's Pursuit
- Carcass Jack
- Queen's Decree
- Demigod's Presence
- Alt Art Demigod's Items (Demigod's Strides, Touch, Triumph etc.)
- Rare/High RP Alt Art Jewelry
- If you have any other alt arts with 3D art that you're trying to clear, feel free to contact me.

I'm also looking for other one-of-a-kind kinds of collectibles such as insanely rare legacies with GG corrupts or fully crafted mirror items with legacy values.

Here are some examples:
- Legacy Kaom's with +1 max res corrupt
- 1000% Facebreaker with +1 socketed gems corrupt or Elemental Weakness curse on hit
- Legacy implicit Demigod's Presence
- 100% perfect ventors (I know this doesn't exist yet, just putting it out there as an example.)

As always, if you have something you're not sure about, just whisper me and we'll talk about it.

Stuff I'm NOT interested in:
- Non alt-art Demigod items
- Fishing items

That's all, thanks for your time!
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dang yo
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