Active skill gems support, support gems?


I stumpled upon this thing quite randomly and it seems really backwards if it is intentional.


If i link Lightning warp (level 20) and Arcane Surge, the reduced duration on lightning warp affects the support gem.

This makes the combination of arcane surge and Lightning warp useless since Lightning warp really needs Less duration support as well to be useful. This results in a less than 1s buff effect.

Kindest regards, Priory
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Last bumped on Oct 17, 2017, 11:05:38 AM
The Arcane Surge Support skill gem has the Duration tag.

Working as intended.
Well, more accurately: Supports do precisely nothing except add their modifiers to linked Skills. The Arcane Surge Support grants its modifiers to Lightning Warp - the Arcane Surge Buff is part of the Lightning Warp Skill. Because it's part of LW, it's affected by whatever is affecting the LW Skill.

PoE allows you to make bad choices. This is one of those.
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