Returning player needs some guidance

Hey guys, I hope this is the right forum to use for this.

I have been playing this game for thousands of hours after the original beta, but havnt played in 2 or 2.5 years.
I want to do a ssf character (since I always wasted too much time, and obsessing over trade) to explore the new acts and maybe do some mapping.
Can you recommend guides I can follow which dont need key unique items, I used to play everything from melee to traditional ranger or totem builds so I dont mind the style as long as its fun.

Last bumped on Oct 16, 2017, 5:40:06 PM

I recently started playing with this build because I don't like trade and haven't been playing long enough to have any decent unique items that are build worthy. It requires no unique items, but does have recommendations if you want.

I can't really vouche for how far it can go because rng is messing with my ability to sustain maps around teir 5-6, but it's steamrolling those. It's also pretty fun to play. It really comes alive around act 4.
Thanks a lot mate, this seems like exactly the thing I´m looking for.
I don´t know how long Im gonna be playing PoE again, I mainly want to check out the new content for I loved the game back then but I have a lot less time for gaming nowadays :/
Maybe I´ll get back into the poe fever, but then Ill have to go back to hardcore mode. For now Im just cruising :>

I'm glad that I could help. I hope you enjoy the build. It should be just fine for your purposes. Personally, I wouldn't set foot in hardcore with it, though. It's got way too aggressive of a nature.

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