[3.0] Blight totems + Essence drain hierophant (allelopathy)

The new allelopathy gloves synergies very well with hierophant's illuminated devotion ( gems in your gloves have 40% increased area of effect).Therefore, increased area of effect support gem is not needed.

The combos during boss fights

Cast essence drain -> Blight totems -> Wither(arcane surge)

Passives can be viewed in the video

My gears

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I am running a similar build but self casting. Can you confirm totem blights stack to 20 individually or is it 20 total?

Btw I am using cospri's chest for +1 curse and he proof immunity. Also I went with an unbroken will shield. The harbinger buff is so awesome.

Anyway I corrupted my allelopathy gloves and got white sockets, so I could swap in my spell totem for a blight support on bosses and self cast wither. My tooltip dps on blight is about 11k dps (before arcane surge or any other buffs). Wonder how much extra dps I could squeeze out of 3 blight totems on a boss.
First of all, blight totems cannot be stacked individually, and 11k tooltip dps for blight totems is pretty dam high. With 11k tooltip dps for blight + essence drain, i think u can do guardians.

Now here is the real trick behind blight totems, assuming you have a hindered duration of 3.36 seconds (enemies take 50% increased chaos damage).With blight totems, u can stack your blight up to 20 stacks within 2 seconds. So that means your blight with 20 stacks will have enough time to receive the 50% increased chaos damage before the hindered duration runs out.
It is 11k self cast. Totem would be much less, so I'm not sure it's worth putting blight on a totem in a build made for self casting (if they don't stack past 20 total). To get the totem you lose a support gem which is a huge loss.
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Yeah, but that loss can be compensated by using a 6L essence drain which can last pretty dam long

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