[3.1] Viper Strike Champion - UberAtziri/Shaper/Guardians/Chayula/UberLab

Welcome to my first ever guide, exiles!

In this guide, I would love to show you my current build which I have been playing for almost a week of in-game time. I was actually late for the Harbinger league (2 months late) but managed to figure out what's the best for me to work on the new reworked poison scaling that's newly introduced in 3.0. Lastly, I've done the 40 challenges completion mostly with this character and I am a returning player from the Sacrifice of the Vaal expansion back in the day. I've had a blast with the new acts and the other contents before 3.0, big props to GGG.


3.1 update: It's been almost a week long that the new on-going Abyss league has been launched by GGG, so I decided to refresh this guide as the new major patch seems to be granting this build with some quite good things which I consider as buffs. After taking a look at the build on Path of Build based on the new patch etc, I can safely guarantee that this build is still viable and there's no major rework at all to tinker around. The good news is that this build might get more stronger due to Witchfire Brew's change and also a new unique flask called Coralito's Signature which boosts the poison duration up to 75% and grants Perfect Agony.

Unfortunately I don't have interest in trying to showcase on a video how it would stand a fight against the Elder and Abyssal Lich but I assume they aren't any bigger than Shaper's health points as the DPS benchmark.


After doing some research and getting inspired by Mathil's Wasp Nest Build, so I decided to give the unique weapon a try and it led me to use Viper Strike as the main DPS along with a threshold jewel named Growing Agony which constantly gives me Unholy Might buff upon hitting rapidly.

The idea behind this build's Chaos Damage + Poison DoT DPS is quite simple to imagine; Viper Strike does both physical damage and chaos damage to the enemy while delivering the poison that can stack per hit. Thus, it allows the poison to develop more damage over time on the enemy constructively as many as you hit. Don't need to worry that the poison stacking will fade away as you stop hitting because Temporal Chains will keep the poison's duration much longer, but less curse effect on Boss, significantly on Shaper/Guardians but that is actually not a big deal at all.


Shaper - Use Haste instead of Grace and Taste of Hate instead of Rumi's Concoction to be able to take him down a bit faster and endure his and The Uncreated/Unshaped's cold damage.

Chayula - Use Ming's Heart to maximize your Chaos Resistance against him and Atziri's Promise flask too, with those you can melt him in seconds.

Chimaera - Facetank the boss, kill the adds possibly one by one from the west side to middle and to east. Keep using Melee Splash for both, good timing on the Abysall Cry will help a lot.

Hydra - You want to use ToH and Haste here and keep moving around dodging his attacks while dpsing him.

Minotaur - Facetank him even with his AOE attacks, try not to move around so much as his burrow charge thing is so rippy but it's very easy to dodge as you can use your totem as a decoy.

Phoenix - I must admit that this is the hardest Guardian for this build, the DPS can't melt him fast enough and past around 25% Boss' HP left or less it starts getting hard as your fire resistance goes down.


It's very do-able to do Uber Atziri deathless even without logging out because the most fights (Uber Trio Atziri and Uber Atziri herself) come down to game mechanics with the right flasks but unfortunately, it heavily depends on the first (right) boss' RNG and possibly the left boss' skills. This build's DPS in-fact can't instakill them, for an example of my experiences if you're not lucky against the Vaal Oversoul on the right side, it would burrow down immediately that you can't inflict some damage to it at all and you have to face two bosses at once which's very bad that it would mostly cost 2-3 deaths. But if he stays still spawning its adds then you have your luck to fight against only one.

I tried to make one video covering all fights from start to the end of playing the Alluring Abyss but Shadowplay cuts the video into two because of the length so instead I made videos for each boss:

Uber Vaal Oversouls- Use Haste, Melee Physical Damage and Rumi's Concoction + Topaz Flask to defend yourself against its lightning beam and so on.

Uber Trio Atziri - Kill the Titty Bitch first, second the Cycloner and the Dual Striker as the last one. Make sure that you kill two of them in the corner so you have some space in the middle and the other corners to kite the last boss to death. Use Grace and Melee Splash as you have to constantly kill the adds. Manfight the Dual Striker with flasks on, ONLY when he doesn't get enraged.

Uber Atziri - Use Haste and Melee Physical Damage, you actually don't need both Topaz and Ruby flasks as you can carefully dodge her spells with Whirling Blades. You probably want to use two life flasks with "Seething of Staunching" pre/suffix on Divine life flask and "Bubbling" prefix on Eternal life flask to endure her spears. Don't forget to avoid attacking the mirror during her split phase.



*Fairly good clear speed for mapping (thanks to Melee Splash Support + Abysall Cry and fast mobility from Whirling Blades)

*Quite tanky with Iron Reflex + Perma Fortify with high converted Evasion to Armor rating from Grace, Champion's nodes, flasks, and gears

*Very good sustained single-target DPS with poison scaling and chaos damage for melting Bosses

*Able to do all map mods (including physical damage reflection and 60% chance to miss poison etc on hit)

*Good starter build on budget but could be much better if you spend some currencies on upgrading gears etc

*Only need 2 jewels, one threshold jewel for the Viper Strike and the other is your choice (preferably +7% Maximum Life, Attack Speed or anything you want)



*Will be outclassed at mapping by dedicated clearspeed builds on a party

*Being pure melee character requires good positioning skills and game mechanics especially against end-game Bosses

*Requires a 6L to be able to make the DPS do its job properly

Here are the minimum requirements of gears to make this build work good, which mostly cost cheap in total. Recommended as a starter build but requires a 6L (simply buy a cheap corrupted one with the right colors or craft yourself a 6L from Divination cards) it may suffice the needs of progressing further in mapping and UberLab's business:

These are my gears at the moment that I mostly use for the game at current level 95:


Gem links:

1) Viper Strike > Vile Toxins > Unbound Ailments > Added Chaos Damage > Multistrike > Melee Physical Damage/Melee Splash
2) Temporal Chains > Blashpemy > Grace/Haste
3) Abysall Cry > Void Manipulation > Poison > Increased Area of effect
4) Wither > Spell Totem > Faster Casting > Increased Duration
5) Whirling Blades > Faster Attack > Blood Magic > Blood Rage
6) Cast When Damage Taken > Immortal Call > Increased Duration

Note: Keep Abysall Cry at level 1, Wither at level 13, Cast When Damage Taken at level 10 and Immortal Call at level 12.

PoB's DPS Calculation (Path of Building):



With the new Coralito's Signature and Witchfire Brew's Despair, technically as it's calculated on Path of Bulding, they can realize a better damage output to around 1.2 Mill (Normal Boss) and 850k DPS (Shaper/Guardians) with Melee Physical Damage Support gem.



Unstoppable Hero > Fortitude > Conqueror > Worthy Foe


Help Eramir (Kill all the bandits) to get 2 passive points.


Major god: Soul of Lunaris (Mapping) / Soul of Solaris (Boss)
Minor god: Soul of Gruthkul / Soul of Yugul

Skill Tree:

Level 95:

PoB Pastebin:

Leveling Guide:

From Duelist starting point, you have to go straight getting "Resolute Technique" as early as possible, then move to Shadow's skill tree all the way (don't take "Iron Reflex" and the threshold Jewel for "Growing Agony" at early-mid playthrough yet) and best is that you have to take "Heart of Oak" and "Primal Spirit" first before you go to the Claw nodes and so on.

Finish the skill points on the Shadow's area as you can see on my build before taking "Iron Reflex" and the threshold jewel for Viper Strike. After that, you can put the rest of the points on the way to "Constitution" and "Exceptional Performance" in the middle.

Getting "Sleight of Hand" is actually not mandatory, it doesn't grant more damage output significantly so you actually can skip those two points and use them on any life node nearby.

For the leveling gears specifically before you can touch the Wasp Nest + Breath of the Council, you can use these temporarily without any problem during the playthrough:

For Ascendancy, make sure that you are 5-10 level ahead below each lab's level requirement but you actually can do UberLab at minimum level 75 though if you feel confident enough with the gears you have.


Q: Can I still do this build on a 5L?
A: Probably yes, but it's not recommended at all that you either have to take out Multistrike or Melee Physical Damage/Melee Splash. It's so slow without Multistrike.

Q: How's the playstyle of this build?

Feel free to ask me anything about this build and don't hesitate to give me recommendations on improving it! Have a good day, exiles!
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EDIT1: Updated the main thread that the build can kill Chayula easily deathless on the first attempt!
EDIT2: Uber Atziri down! I would try to do a deathless Uber Atziri video someday when I get the money. I expect to upload the vids possibly tomorrow, stay tuned!
EDIT3: Shaper and Chayula YouTube vids are up, 1080p! More coming soon!
EDIT4: All vids are almost up! having a problem with the upload speed right now, so it's almost done!
EDIT5: Vids all up now! added the gears explanation and its overall costs on the other reserved post by me, probably will be working on the FAQ section next.

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Let's talk about the gears and its costs, why I am using them for the build etc. An in-depth detail can be read on this post:

The main weapon of the build, it offers already good base mods (especially the increased attack speed) for a unique weapon with additional 80 - 120 Chaos damage when you apply 5x poison stackings on an enemy. The 20% chance to poison on hit will help to stack up the poison chance to maximum (60% from the Viper Strike gem and two poison nodes, 10% each, on the Claw passive skill tree).

Cost: min. 1 Alch to 5 Chaos


Even though you don't attack with this weapon as off-hand at all, it significantly increases the chaos damage output you have in general.

Cost: min. 18 Chaos to 90 Chaos


One of the best unique helmets for UberLab's enchantments, good base AR/EV and the other good things it has to give. You have to get the "30% Increased Temporal Chains Curse Effect" to make the poison's DoT bigger, it also helps to reduce "the less Curse effectiveness" percentage against Standard Boss/Shaper/Guardians.

Cost: min. 20 Chaos to 40 Chaos


It's quite good for unique gloves which give you decent +max life, some chaos damage and increased poison duration. Don't worry that you probably can't make use of the level 20 Vile Toxins because it's hard to color the sockets into 3 greens and 1 red for Whirling Blades gem setup. Wither obviously doesn't 'hit'. You can still color it into Whirling Blade's gem setup though, but maybe it would make coloring the AR or EV based boots for Wither really difficult.

Cost: min. 1 Alch to 5 Chaos


Cherrubim, Belly of the Beast or a rare AR/EV chest?

There are the pros and cons between Cherrubim and Belly of the Beast that you can actually compare to suit your playstyle; Cherrubim gives you the best defensive stats (AR/EV) with good life leech to possibly facetank some end-game Bosses with extra Chaos damage (5,8k HP, 21k armour with 64% estimated physical damage reduction).

For more significant health gain with less armor and extra elemental resistances, you'd rock Belly of the Beast (6.4k+ HP, 17k armor with 58% estimated physical damage reduction) with two defensive flasks though (Rumi's Concoction + Witchfire Brew), you can jack up the defense to 70% physical damage reduction.

The damage output Cherrubim gives doesn't actually add up more damage significantly, just a few percentage which's hardly taken into consideration as a bigger DPS comparison. But for me personally, I prefer Cherrubim over Belly for some reasons. Perhaps in my opinion, HC players might want to use Belly but the players' skills ceiling have to be good at efficiently using the flasks (Atziri's Promise to lifesteal, Jade/Granite/Stibnite/Basalt flasks to sustain good defenses and so on.

Meanwhile, if you are on budget looking for a good alternative for the 6L armor, you would probably want to take a look at The Dapper Prodigy Divination card which's far cheaper but it unfortunately involves RNG, because what you want to look for is an AR/EV or Evasion based armor that you can color to 2G 2R 2B quite easily. Or you can just buy one from someone off which they don't need at all for a cheap price because they might have gotten a wrong base armor. There's a possibility that you could actually craft a rare chest that might be so much better than Cherrubim on the defensive way.

Cost: min. 5 Exalted to 12 Exalted for Cherrubim / min. 7 Exalted to 12 Exalted for Belly / min. 42 Chaos + some Alch/Scour or Chaos to craft for the self-crafted 6L rare armor.


What you want to look for the rings, amulet, belt and boots are very simple in general, get the resistances capped or more with good +max life and additional Armor or Evasion rating, crafted added Chaos damage to Attacks would be useful on rings and amulet. Additionally, you can enchant your boots with "Adds 120 to 180 Chaos Damage if you've taken a Critical Strike recently" to boost your damage so much higher.

You actually don't need a T1 increased movement speed (+30%) mod on your boots as the Devoto can help you out a bit with it because the Whirling Blades gem setup can fully outrun most of the end-game bosses and even other players. Other than being a Champion, that's why this build can be considered arguably as a very good UberLab farmer.

The implicit "Enemies can have 1 additional curse" on amulet through corruption is quite good to let the level 21 Vulnerability from Witchfire Brew boost your DPS during the flask time.

The only gems you want to corrupt to have level 21 are the Viper Strike itself and the Added Chaos Damage Support, it's unnecessary to do so for the other gems on the 6L setup.

Important note: you have to get at least more than +40 to 45 to intelligence mod on one of your rings or amulet to fill up the blue gems' int requirements, one of the blue gems on this build requires 115 intelligence max (Wither at level 13) but mostly the other blue gems at the max level can take up around + 110 required int. From the skill tree alone, you roughly can have 70 intelligence.

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Hey nice guide man, will give it a go. How important is the bloodgrip? I could use a rare amulet with a +1 curse?
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How would Dendobate work with this build?
Nice build dude, I made a similar version of this build using a raider stacking frenzy charges, but your build does about the same damage and it has more defensive capabilities on top of it all.

I ended up realizing however that the poison build is kind of a meme, it is capable of mapping and killing bosses, but as you mentioned, going a direct damage build will net you similar results except it clears maps faster because you don't need to DOT down monsters or use abyssal cry.
claydbp wrote:
Hey nice guide man, will give it a go. How important is the bloodgrip? I could use a rare amulet with a +1 curse?

Yes, definitely you can use a better rare amulet with or without that implicit. I was just trying to find the 'best unique amulet on budget' and that Bloodgrip came out to impress me enough. It's quite cheap that I could buy in bulk for trying to get that implicit through vaaling bunch of them.

The reason why it's Bloodgrip as my amulet choice is that it has like T2 +maximum life, T2 +adds phy damage and most importantly, it gives me doubled life recovery from instant Divine life flask (Seething).

Keep in mind though that you need at least +40 int on a ring or amulet to fill up the int requirements from the blue gems such as Blasphemy, Added Chaos Damage and so on. That's why I keep Wither at level 13.

Korinthian wrote:
How would Dendobate work with this build?

I actually don't like Dendrobate compared to Cherrubim or Belly of the Beast or even any very good rare chest because even though it has good mods to support both poison damage and duration plus the level 10 lesser poison, it doesn't give you +maximum life or good base defensive stats. Recently I checked the stats on PoB that it only gives me around +2% more total DPS inc. poison if I swap the Cherrubim with it which in my opinion clearly isn't worth using that chest.

ironstove wrote:
Nice build dude, I made a similar version of this build using a raider stacking frenzy charges, but your build does about the same damage and it has more defensive capabilities on top of it all.

I ended up realizing however that the poison build is kind of a meme, it is capable of mapping and killing bosses, but as you mentioned, going a direct damage build will net you similar results except it clears maps faster because you don't need to DOT down monsters or use abyssal cry.

Thanks man for looking at the build, I used to think that poison was bad until the changes on 3.0 came out. When I started playing and tinkering around the new poison changes, I also used to doubt PoB's calculation on the 'total DPS inc. poison' that's so high and quite hard to imagine how it works but in the actual game, it's quite good to kill Bosses depending on the Boss' reduced Curse effect.
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You really need RT? You're travelling a lot on Dex in your tree.
Just grab the Phys/chaos nodes in shadow start instead.
3.5 build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2299519
Nice guide, using abyssal cry with al dhih when leveling or even without it at higher level is quite fun for me, though i'm still hoping for it to cast automatically in some way.

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