Please help/improve Heiro elemental status build

I wanted to make a controller/debuff type build, and started Templar with the elemental ailments, but do not seem to be very effective. Somewhere I read ailments were nerfed recently?
I got the three dragons to make lightning freeze since Orb is better than Frost Bomb to me, and ball lightning better than frost bolt (which feels like you have to take Vortex or aura with?).

I feel too squishy, and have slow kill speed, especially against uniques with regen/leech.
I'm only on T3 maps right now.

I'm not married to a particular skill set, though I'd like something interesting.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
Last bumped on Oct 16, 2017, 9:22:36 PM
It's Ianthus,
I'm a shockwave templar doing hierophant with Empire's grasp gauntlets, basically the knockback is reversed because of the gauntlets and the mobs and most unique enemies are sucked into the center of the totems.

I'm having build issues myself but I'm at tier 12 maps and I'm being greedy with DPS, could chop a piece of gear or two and some passives to put into health and I'd never die but my DPS would drop by about a quarter.

I'm about to post my own thread asking for help on some finer points I'll link the thread here.

DPS per totem is about 24k, 4 totems + additive damage reduction at 7% per totem is like 80 k dps from shockwave totems but that doesn't include searing bond dps, gang boots, singularity scepter and other difficult to calculate damage multipliers like shock.

The key of the build is where I'm a bit lost right now because of damage calculations, cast speed seems like the winner but I need to play with crit chance and multi, I have a potential ring combo that could make elemental damage the core of it, but the elemental damage is coming from %physical damage gained as X, mostly lightning.

MOst things I kill are dead instantly but heartier mobs typically freeze solid and explode. while they are being sucked into the center of the mess.

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