The Fall of Oriath Fan Art Competition concludes on Tuesday the 17th of October (NZT). There's still time to enter this competition and to win awesome prizes. Today is the last time we're showing off some of the submissions we've received so far, before announcing the winners. As always, we were surprised by the amount of the amazing artwork created by our players for this competition. We're very happy that we have so many talented people in our community!

The flame of hope by Porky13

Nessa and Tarkleigh by HellMagik666

The Tidal Island by lolozori

AFKing in hideout with high-level spectres by fuuuubs

Necromancer by minigod123

Fan Art by rashkoradu

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Grinding Gear Games
That last one by rashkoradu is the best in my opinion.

Spectres by fuuuubs is super cool also.
Forever chillin...
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Tidal Island ... the 80's art XD
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this doesn't look like patch notes
You expect me to act as something I'm not? I picked this name for a reason.
Amazing Artwork! Love it! :)
Mine not here means mine sucks, still having faith to get the 20º place :p
I really enjoy the Wicker man spectres one with the art style that reminds me of an illustration from a children's book. +1
Wow I love the last one!
Perception is reality.
The Nessa and Tarkleigh one was just sad.

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