[3.0] Inquisitor - Cospri's Malice - Advice welcome - Unknown DPS

Hello there.
I wanted to try out Cospri's Malice on a Inquisitor with high critical and no need for penetrating resistance.

I've been using Frostbolt but switched to Freezing Pulse because of the higher base crit chance.
With that I'm using Glacial Cascade.
It's been a blast to play and the clear speed is amazing. Bosses die but it's not the fastest yet. But Theres a lot of improvement to be made, and hopefully you'll help me there.

I'm level 82 when at the moment and this is my Current skill tree


I've recently come a cross a Starkonja's Head with Glacial Cascade Physical to Cold conversion enchant.

That makes me wonder if i should lose the phys/cold conversion nodes and maybe all the way to the Blood Drinker node. But i really can't figure out if I'm efficient with my skill points.

If anyone have any suggestions on my build, especially the skill tree, it would help a lot.
Or if you just have an all together new tree for a build like this.

Also considering if it would be worth it to get a Skyforth and how the skill tree would look with a pair of those.

hope you guys will take a look and give me some suggestions

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hi, i dont know how to use pastebin so i cant take a look for your build, but i started some weeks ago build which reminds me a bit of yours (at least we both use cospri :D as said i dont know how to open pastebins so i cant check if we are totally different builds afterall :D, maybe take a look my guide and maybe you get some ideas.

i will delete the post if you feel offended by me posting other build link here, just let me know about it.
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Hey there. Yeah our builds are alike.

I've tried using Cyclone, but i didn't like it. I didn't have enough movement speed. Think it's more a Raider skill for my temper.

I switch to Blade Flurry after i got tired of spinning to slow. and it works pretty well.

we are also using different cold spells, but I'm not sure mine are the best.

My profile should be open so you can look at it there. The character is called Birddogs

There's the tree:

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